AT&T expands LTE into 11 additional markets

AT&T expands LTE into 11 additional markets

AT&T has expanded its LTE roll out to 11 more markets including the metropolitan areas of New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

The addition of the New York City metro area, Austin, Chapel Hill, Los Angeles, Oakland, Orlando, Phoenix, Raleigh, San Diego, San Francisco and San Jose bring AT&T’s 4G footprint up to 26 markets and around 74 million people.

The carrier’s 4G offering includes both HSPA+ and LTE technologies which it claims will offer superior service.

“We’re building a 4G LTE network that’s blazing fast, and we offer dual layers of 4G technologies to provide customers with a more consistent speed experience,” said John Stankey president and CEO of AT&T business solutions.

The move can be considered a sign that the company is putting the loss of its merger plans with T-Mobile firmly behind it and focusing on its LTE rollout plans.

The proposed merger was the subject of much speculation last year. Opposition from US regulator the FCC and the Department of Justice eventually led to AT&T abandoning the deal.

AT&T expects its 4G LTE deployment to be largely complete by 2013.

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