China Telecom Europe adds fourth terrestrial link

China Telecom Europe adds fourth terrestrial link

China Telecom Europe has strengthened its Euro-Asia Network solution by announcing the addition of a fourth terrestrial route to launch by the end of the year.

Working with a range of Russian and Kazakh partners, the creation of a new transit-Kazakhstan fibre optic cable will address the growing communications requirements of enterprise customers, according to the company. CTE said the move is part of its Silk Road communications network between Europe and Asia, and is designed to increase communications links and provide Asian businesses with a gateway to expand into the EMEA region.

“From the day the information Silk Road was conceived, I have envisaged it to be a state of the art network delivering next-generation communications across Europe and Asia, rather than merely a group of low latency cables,” said Yan OU, managing director at CTE. “Now that the foundation of the Information Silk Road has been firmly established, I am looking to enrich the network infrastructure with more innovative and value-added solutions and services.”

CTE has built up an impressive platform in Europe over the past year, and has struck deals with a range of operators, including Rostelecom to expand its network across Europe and Asia. Its services mainly address voice, data, video and IP applications that require routing across both the EMEA and Asia Pacific regions and offers single channel speeds of up to 10Gbps.

“The Information Silk Road has significantly enhanced the communication connections between Europe and Asia and will continue to strengthen the ties across EMEA and Asia as our network extension plan into the Middle East and Africa unfolds,” added Ou.

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