Microsoft makes play in China to develop cloud-computing offering

Microsoft makes play in China to develop cloud-computing offering

IT giant Microsoft has announced plans to develop cloud-computing products in partnership with a Chinese software company to tap into the booming cloud-computing market in China.

The deal was announced by both Microsoft and China Standard Software (CS2C) at a joint event held in Beijing earlier today, and Microsoft is expected to explore similar partnerships in other emerging markets to develop its offering in next-generation technology. Both companies said it will develop and sell cloud-computing solutions primarily to large enterprise customers; including online retailers, banks and government ministries.

“Through this collaboration, we seek to support our joint customers in China with solutions for the cloud, which will help them build upon their existing operational investments, yet also allow them the flexibility to capitalise on strategic opportunities that may arise during this period of expansive change and growth,” said Simon Leung, chairman and CEO of Microsoft Greater China Region.

The new cloud offering will be centred on Microsoft’s Hyper-V Open Cloud architecture and will be used as a platform to develop CS2C’s NeoKylin Linux Server products. As part of the technology collaboration, both cloud platforms will be accessible on Windows, Linux and Unix operating systems.

“Organisations are constantly looking for new ways to help them adapt and thrive in the marketplace, and nowhere is that more relevant than in the China market today,” comment Han Naiping, president of CS2C. “Building on our heritage of providing CS2C NeoKylin operating system and customised solutions for customers, we are seizing the important opportunity to collaborate with Microsoft to deliver comprehensive, flexible, cloud-based solutions that will serve as a platform for business growth.”

Both companies will sponsor a joint virtual technology lab in Beijing to develop and test cloud solutions.

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