PCCW Global and Internexa partner in Ethernet space

PCCW Global and Internexa partner in Ethernet space

Hong Kong-based PCCW Global has partnered with ICT solutions provider Internexa to interconnect respective Ethernet platforms and extend both companies collaborative relationship.

PCCW Global, a subsidiary of PCCW Limited, said the partnership enables it access to Internexa’s extensive Ethernet network in South and Central America. Internexa operates, what it says, is the largest terrestrial telecoms network in the region. The deal further outlines PCCW’s commitment to tap in to the huge potential of switched Ethernet in Latin America.

“We are extremely pleased to enter into this strategic relationship with Internexa, a strong player in Latin America,” said Marc Halbfinger, CEO at PCCW Global. “We believe this collaboration will add significant value to the breadth and quality of our services to our new and existing customers across the globe.”

For Internexa, the collaboration provides the company with a host of connectivity opportunities. It enables the company to extend its international Ethernet connectivity platform across PCCW global Ethernet network across 70 countries, giving its customers cost-effective international connectivity.

“On its way to international expansion in Latin America, Internexa is working together with the highest quality allies in order to ensure the best service portfolio,” said Genaro Garcia Dominguez, CEO at Internexa. “The agreement with PCCW Global reflects the success of that policy.”

With Ethernet proving a prominent sub-sector in the industry, both companies said the partnership will “foster a closer business relationship between the two operators as they leverage each other’s strengths and become more competitive Ethernet providers in the global market”.

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