KPN International upgrades network

KPN International upgrades network

KPN International and Huawei have deployed 100G services between London and Amsterdam, providing the European telecoms service provider with an ‘ultra-high-speed’ transport link on its WDM network.

Existing 10G and 40G services on KPN International’s network were not affected during the upgrade, which the company believes will help resolve the large bandwidth challenges facing the industry.

The new 100G service uses Huawei’s WDM systems, which claim to offer a transmission rate of 8Tbps, allowing customers to take only a second to download 240 two-hour DVD movies.

“The leading coherent 100G commercial application enables us to secure large bandwidth and high stability requirements on our network and serve our customers even better,” said Jasper Snijder, MD of KPN International.

Senior operations manager Ton Schalke spoke of KPN’s plans to roll out more 100G links: “A full roll-out is determined by the availability of 100G interfaces at competitive prices,” he said.

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