Ciena to deploy 100G in Romania

Ciena to deploy 100G in Romania

Ciena has announced plans to deploy a 100G Ethernet network in Romania, which it claims is the first of its kind in eastern Europe.

The network will be built by Ciena and its BizConnect partner, Felix Telecom, for the RoEduNet, Romanian National Research and Education Network, which connects research and cultural institutions such as universities and school. The network stretches from Bucharest to Iași, the country’s second largest city, and covers a total of 4200km.

Felix Telecom will be responsible for the design, deployment and maintenance of services for both RoEduNet’s existing 10G network and new 100G network.

“We can increase network bandwidth simply and economically, which allows us to accelerate our work tenfold on complex research projects that require resources from all over the world,” said Germin Mihai Dinu, general director of ARNIEC, the agency managing RoEduNet. “The ease of scalability and increased networking speed offered by Ciena’s optical networking technology enhances Romania’s ability to collaborate on cutting-edge science and research projects and enables our scientists to work with their peers at high performance computing and research centres across the globe.”

RoEduNet is connected to GÉANT, Europe’s education and research network that links academic and research organisations in over 30 countries.

Ciena was chosen earlier this year to upgrade Rascom’s 40G network running from Russia, to the Nordic countries and onto Germany to 100G. To read Capacity’s full report click here.

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