Level 3 launches another ultra-low-latency route in Europe

Level 3 launches another ultra-low-latency route in Europe

A new ultra-low-latency fibre-optic route between London and Frankfurt targets the finance sector.

Level 3 Communications has ultra-low-latency routes into the main financial sectors (New York, Chicago, London and Frankfurt), and additional exchanges are connected to its network in Zurich and Milan. The new route will allow banks, hedge funds and financial service institutions to execute trades at lower latency.

The route is an obvious one for investment, and Erik Kreifeldt of Telegeography has described the Frankfurt to London route as “one of the top 10 highest bandwidth routes for international data traffic.”

Level 3 appears confident that its continual efforts to lower latency will stand it in good stead. “Having access to fast network speeds can be a significant competitive advantage,” said James Heard, president of European markets at Level 3. “But it’s an even bigger advantage to have access to a fast network that keeps getting faster.”

The new route will also, of course, enhance the provider’s network in Germany, where it currently has metro networks and data centres in Berlin, Hamburg, Dusseldorf and Munich, as well as Frankfurt.

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