Chunghwa continues to invest in broadband infrastructure

Chunghwa continues to invest in broadband infrastructure

According to reports, the Taiwan telco Chunghwa Telecom is set to invest approximately $7 billion in ICT infrastructure across Taiwan.

The move is expected to bring improvements to the nation’s broadband infrastructure in order to meet growing demand for mobile data.

According to Taiwan Today, the company is planning to double its number of Wifi base stations from 15,000 to 30,000 by 2013 and will also add 1,250 new 3G base stations this year.

The move follows reports that the company was planning to invest £3.4 billion in increasing the country’s broadband bandwidth as it looks to connect 80% of the country’s internet subscribers to 100Mbps by 2015 (click here).

In February, Capacity also reported that the company has signed a contract with China Unicom to construct a subsea cable between Taiwan and China, which aims to reduce end-user costs by creating a more direct traffic route (click here).

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