Organisations collaborate to encourage IPv6 adoption

The Broadband Forum and the IPv6 Forum are partnering to encourage the adoption of IPv6 worldwide.

The organisations are collaborating to incorporate the Broadband Forum’s network and testing specifications into the IPv6 Forum’s Certification Program.

The Broadband Forum consists of 200 companies, all aiming to ensure broadband reaches its full potential worldwide. The organisation develops specifications for wireline broadband providers including IPv6 enabled end-to-end network architectures. The IPv6 Forum’s objective is to drive the development of the IPv6 Ready Certification, with the aim to integrate the industry and begin the deployment of IPv6 on a larger sale.

In March this year the Broadband Forum launched its BroadbandSuite™ 4.0 released-specifications that allows IPv6 to be integrated into existing network and remote management platforms.

“BroadbandSuite 4.0 is already becoming a globally accepted reference for IPv6, ensuring that the industry can address the exponentially growing device and smart gateway requirements of next-generation broadband,” said Christophe Alter, Broadband Forum’s technical chair.

Both groups are also in favour of World IPv6 Day, commencing on June 8 which will see a 24-hour test of IPv6 on networks of the larger worldwide organisations.

“IPv6 represents the future of the internet and the Broadband Forum’s work on standards and specifications is a great enabler,” said Latif Ladid, chairman of the EU IPv6 Task Force and Emeritus Trustee of the Internet Society. “Working with the Broadband Forum allows us to ensure that our Certification Program meets the needs of the industry.”

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