Telefónica introduces LTE to rural Germany

Telefónica introduces LTE to rural Germany

Telefónica Germany is introducing LTE technology in rural areas to provide faster and more consistent mobile broadband.

The Spanish-based company plans to introduce two new products for end users and small businesses at the beginning of July under the ‘O2 LTE at Home’ brand. The network will allow customers to access internet at speeds of up to 7.2Mbps.

The solution uses the 800MHz frequencies, acquired by Telefónica Germany last year, and will soon become part of its existing LTE service in the region.

"Video streaming, downloads and fast online computer games are no longer an issue in rural areas," said Rene Schuster, CEO at Telefónica USA.

From early June the first rural communities in Germany will be able to order their mobile internet connections. It will be available in several rural communities from the beginning of July including Oberreichenbach in the Black Forest and Abtsteinach/Bergstraße and Zscherben in Saxony-Anhalt.

For this, Telefónica Germany uses its far-reaching 800 megahertz frequencies, acquired at the license auction last year.

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