Level 3 to provide services for global online games publisher

Level 3 to provide services for global online games publisher

Level 3 has said it will provide CDN services for international online games publisher the Frogster Group.

Level 3 will be responsible for providing caching and download services to support high-speed games downloads and updates for Frogster’s online games titles. Frogster has more than six million users across Europe, America and Oceania.

For Frogster, bandwidth demands of its multiplayer online games, played in real time, mean that the speed and quality of the supporting network is vital to keep up with user expectations.

Seth Lorio, COO and member of the executive board at Frogster, said: “Perhaps more than in any other area of the entertainment industry, user experience is critical to the success of an online game.”

Level 3’s biggest challenge in the gaming market is to sustain low latency, even at times of peak demand such as when a game is first released.

James Heard, president of European Markets at Level 3 commented: “As the online games industry has grown and demand for game content across devices has exploded, it has become increasingly important to have a CDN with the underlying network infrastructure in place to easily scale to support a quality experience.”

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