Slovanet buys WiMAX Telecom Slovakia for $1.35 million

Slovakian ISP Slovanet has acquired fellow domestic operator WiMAX Telecom Slovakia for $1.35 million.

Through the deal Slovanet will gain access to WiMAX Telecom Slovakia’s 3.5 GHz network covering 200,000 homes and 8000 new customers. WiMAX Telecom Slovakia was previously part of Austrian based, WiMAX Telecom.

The Slovakian wireless operator provides broadband access outside the cities and in rural areas where there is limited infrastructure. Slovanet is planning to implement more modern wireless technologies to provide a more effective use of bandwidth with faster connections for its users. Peter Mácaj CEO Slovanet said:Novú siet plánuje Slovanet využit aj pre rozšírenie pokrytia a efektívnejšie poskytovanie dátových, internetových a hlasových služieb pre firemný segment. “This acquisition allows us to cover areas where it is inefficient to build a fibre or copper network.”

Slovanet has launched services based on 10.5 GHz BFWA in 50 cities and towns with the main focus on business users. This is the company’s second acquisition of 2011 having bought local provider M-Elektronik in April.