Fujitsu develops technology for uninterrupted video delivery

Fujitsu develops technology for uninterrupted video delivery

Fujitsu Laboratories has developed a new form of inter-cell interference coordination (ICIC) technology that claims to eliminate signal interference in cell-edge areas covered by LTE.

The technology is designed to offer greater coverage in areas that would otherwise experience reduced transmission speeds due to signal interference. It also aims to provide increased quality to services such as video streaming to users in areas at the edge of the LTE network.

ICIC technology works by autonomously allocating frequency bands to reduce radio-wave interference around the cell-edge where different cell frequencies overlap. Even with the advanced capabilities that LTE now offers, if cell areas covered by adjacent base stations overlap inter-cell interference can cause disruption to the end-user.

Fujitsu is working on how to incorporate ICIC technology into LTE base stations and plans to introduce it to the market in 2-3 years.

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