Ciena partners with Telamon to provide broadband and 4G wireless in the US

Ciena partners with Telamon to provide broadband and 4G wireless in the US

Ciena has partnered with product service provider, Telamon, to provide broadband access and 4G wireless services to Native American Navajo communities in the US.

The next-generation network will include 550 miles of new aerial fibre optic cable and 59 new or modified microwave towers covering a total of 27,000 square miles.

The project has been funded by a federal stimulus grant from the National Telecommunications and Information Administration Broadband Technology Opportunities programme (BTOP) and was initiated by the National Tribal Utility Authority (NTUA).The project is aimed to enable service providers to deliver affordable voice, video, data and mobile services to 30, 000 households, 1000 businesses and other key institutions at speeds of 10 Mbps and 10Gbps.

Theresa Caragol, VP, global alliances and partners at Ciena said: “Together with Telamon, we're building a high-speed packet optical network that will spur economic growth by improving Internet access for the Navajo Nation.”

Last mile wireless services (services reaching from the final point in the fibre network to the user) will be available at speeds between 1 and 3 Mbps through the project’s wireless parent Commnet Wireless.

Walter Haase, GM of NTUA said: “This project will certainly close the wireless technological gap that currently exists here in the southwest. This improvement opens many doors that will bring progress to our region. ”

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