RASCOM selects Ciena to extend 40G network

RASCOM selects Ciena to extend 40G network

Russian operator RASCOM has selected Ciena to extend its next generation network, offering an initial capacity of 40G.

Ciena will add to RASCOM’s existing network that runs from Russia into the Nordic countries and will also go onto connect to Germany. The network will have the capability to upgrade to a 100G network as bandwidth requirements change over time.

The route will follow one of the key European traffic routes from Copenhagen to Frankfurt. “There is growing demand amongst Russian service providers for a high-speed network link to Frankfurt – an imperative route for business,” said V. I. Kireev, general director of the closed joint-stock company RASCOM.

RASCOM was one of the first private carriers to operate in Russia and specialises in cross-border network capacity transporting approximately half of Russia’s cross-border internet traffic.

François Docoh-Lonou, VP and GM, EMEA at Ciena said: “RASCOM’s high-capacity network acts as a key enabler for cross-border business by meeting the growing bandwidth demands of successful enterprises.”

The network will include six 40G wavelengths with expandability to 8.8 Tbps to support 40G and 100G transmissions allowing RASCOM to scale its network as needs change.

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