i3 Forum and GSMA outline voice over IPX proposals

i3 Forum and GSMA outline voice over IPX proposals

The i3 Forum, in co-operation with the GSMA, has released technical and commercial specifications for telcos planning to adopt voice over IP Packet Exchange (IPX) services.

Specifications released outline requirements in areas of IP routing, signalling, media, security, quality of service control and service routing. IPX was developed by the GSMA to provide a global interconnection model to carry existing and next-generation services.

“In the short to medium term, we’re seeing the greatest interest in IPX among very large mobile operators and mobile groups,” said Philippe Millet, chairman of the i3 Forum. “Some of the early adopters are looking to create their own on-net voice communities among group companies, while others want to access efficiencies from using one converged network for IP, voice and signaling services.”

The i3 Forum, comprised of over 37 telecoms providers, notes the premature stage of IPX in the market and anticipates potential partnership models will shape the service demand curve. According to Millet, the early benefactors of the service will be wholesale providers that are described as traditional carrier’s carriers, who have developed relationships and interconnections with mobile operators. Accompanied with a global MPLS backbone, these carriers will be able to use IPX to serve an enterprise client base.

Millet added: “For voice and application providers, there’s a compelling value proposition even without a well-developed ecosystem. When combined with the number of carriers that have launched IPX offerings, we see a strong potential for a scenario where a group of early adopters can drive momentum towards IPX throughout the mobile ecosystem.”

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