Shaping Europe’s digital decade with Nokia
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Shaping Europe’s digital decade with Nokia

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Manolo Ortiz

Manolo Ortiz, Nokia’s senior vice president for the EMEA region in the webscale business, writes of the significance of the vendor’s new visual identity as he prepares for Capacity Europe.

As I prepare for Capacity Europe 2023, I have many reasons to be excited. At this time, cloud-network-infrastructure builders in Central and Eastern Europe have a unique chance to realise a human-centric, sustainable vision for the digital society, empowering citizens, and driving new business opportunities and growth.

I expect many interesting and productive conversations with cloud players at the event, where we can share our ideas and explore how to best partner to achieve your vision.

New look for a digital era

If you haven’t already seen, one thing you will notice about Nokia’s presence at Capacity Europe is that we have a whole new visual identity. After 150-plus years of innovation and 30 years of transforming telecommunications, and as a leader in networking technology, we have refreshed our brand to reflect the business that Nokia is today.

Our business has expanded beyond telecommunications to meet changing digital needs, representing a profound transformation for ourselves and our customers. We wanted to reflect this with an exciting new look that better represents our role as an innovation leader in B2B networking technology, realising the full potential of digital in every industry.

I would welcome the opportunity to speak more about our new brand and the underlying commitment it represents for you and your business.

Europe’s Digital Decade

The Digital Decade is an EU initiative that’s all about access to telecoms for all, whereby everyone has the skills to use everyday technology. In this scenario, businesses, whether large or small, harness technology to make better decisions, interact with customers and improve operations.

As improved connectivity reaches people living in villages, mountains and remote regions, everybody should have access to online opportunities and be able to benefit from the digital society in areas such as access to key public services.

As a comprehensive framework, the Digital Decade programme sets out ambitions for the next decade in the form of concrete targets. The main goals can be summarised under four themes – a digitally skilled population, including highly skilled professionals; secure and sustainable digital infrastructures; digital transformation of businesses; and digitalisation of public services.

In line with this, the European Commission has established targets to be reached by 2030 for delivering a sustainable digital transformation across all sectors of the economy.

An ideal tech partner

At Nokia, we are passionate about network innovation and helping customers transform their infrastructure so they can realise their aspirations. We also believe that by building lasting partnerships, we can together drive innovation, and shape the future of networking and the internet to meet all of society’s needs.

Nokia can support Europe’s Digital Decade in several ways. One is our many years of global experience with the world’s largest critical communications providers, while we have also gained a wealth of insight from developing innovative services. This experience has informed our research and development, and led to our unique multi-technology networking products and services.

Teaming up with Nokia

Developing customised networking solutions is something we’ve been doing as far back as the advent of the first telephone networks. Since Alexander Graham Bell started Nokia Bell Labs, it has played a key role in developing every one of the technologies we use in digital communications today.

We offer this wealth of experience to all our customers today, across all phases of our partnership, anywhere across the globe and whenever we are needed. Some things we do best include:

• Building and supporting large mission-critical networks;

• Having a presence across all regions of the world, offering local support for sales, and maintenance and professional services, as well as technical support;

• Driving a culture of innovation through Nokia Bell Labs, pushing us to do so with purpose while pursuing responsible, sustainable technologies that will have a demonstrable impact on society.

Multi-technology portfolio

Nokia’s networking solutions enable webscale companies such as cloud, colocation, digital-infrastructure, global interconnection and content providers to deliver richer cloud-based services while improving performance, scale and sustainability.

The company offers a broad portfolio of services including IP routing, data-centre networking, optical-DWDM networking, orchestration and automation, and DDoS security. We have deployed all of these options for customers around the globe as part of our commitment to shaping the next generation of webscale experiences.

Connect with Nokia at Capacity Europe

I would love to talk to you more about these important topics. We will have a dedicated lounge (#17) at Capacity Europe, where we welcome you to drop by and set up a meeting with us.

We also invite you to join Mark Vanderhaegen on Thursday, 19 October, 2023 from 11:20 AM to 12:00 PM (BST) at the Spotlight Stage where he will participate in the discussion panel ‘The Role of Central and Eastern Europe in the Global Data Centre Landscape’.

Let’s catch up at the event and discuss how we can explore these new frontiers together. Meanwhile, for more information on Nokia and our webscale solutions, please visit our webscale web page.