Multicloud: The De Facto Strategy for Successful Digitalisation

Multicloud: The De Facto Strategy for Successful Digitalisation

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Explore how Time Cloud Suite can help your business increase agility and financial flexibility, enable product and service innovation, and stay competitive in the digital economy.

Cloud and digital transformation landscape

Digital transformation requires real, operational change to succeed. According to SAP’s Digital Transformation Executive Study, leaders across industries agree that digital transformation—often synonymous with moving businesses to the cloud—is critical. Cloud adoption has accelerated the pace of digital transformation across organisations like governments, enterprises and start-ups, along with verticals across industry sectors such as BFSI, healthcare, manufacturing and retail, among others.

With this cloud-adoption market expected to increase rapidly over the next few years, no wonder organisations are acknowledging multicloud to be a foundational pillar necessary for innovation, collaboration and digital transformation.

Multicloud – it’s complicated

Driven by the numerous technology options, potential cost savings and the need for business agility, it’s reported that:


When moving to a cloud ecosystem, different businesses have varying strategies and motivations. Some move to the cloud to replace ageing and costly IT infrastructure while others do it to scale for growth and respond astutely to changing market dynamics.

"Cloud expansion" has made it difficult for enterprises to rely on multiple public cloud providers, private cloud environments, edge cloud providers and data centres at the same time. Each of these services often requires a dedicated IT team, creating conflicting interests and barriers in the organisational processes, eventually resulting in new silo structures.

A multicloud environment, however, can mean multiple cloud providers to deal with, different interface for every cloud service opted for, loss of visibility and control, and potential security pitfalls and compliance challenges from managing disparate cloud environments.

The reality of investing in or managing a multicloud world, and realising the aspirational capabilities of it, can be complicated.

Get on the multicloud-bandwagon with Time

As managing a multicloud environment can be a complex task, there are cloud providers who facilitate not just cloud migration and configuration but also take care of optimisation, elasticity of growth and expansion, and maintenance. They leverage their extensive ecosystem of services and partners to support multicloud strategies for organisations worldwide. This is where Time comes in.


We can help you evaluate which services are the most efficient for deploying your applications and ensure that you are truly selecting the best combination of clouds to meet your requirements. This helps you understand your technical capabilities and eliminates “vendor lock-in”, allowing you to plan ahead on how you will migrate your workload onto the next best option.

Today, enterprises that move and integrate operations and workloads with Time Cloud Suite will gain from a robust interconnected ecosystem of unrivalled and robust connectivity options built for long-term flexibility and seamless customer experience.

Time’s borderless cloud offerings are backed by our OpenStack and VMware hyperscale cloud platforms so you can build applications and workloads with greater speed and flexibility. There’s no limit to working efficiently as you get the benefit of a public cloud, and the control and security of a private cloud.


Backed by Malaysia’s first ever horizontal network function virtualisation infrastructure (NFVi), Time’s resilient and reliable converged network ensures secure access to all of our cloud solutions wherever you may be. Plus, our direct and secure connections to 4 global cloud service providers, and virtual network services over cloud platforms simplifies network complexities to reinforce your growing cloud adoption with greater availability.

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Hosted in robust and highly reliable hyperscale data centres located in major cities across Southeast Asia, we ensure successful and secure deployment of your multicloud strategies, such as hybrid cloud, on-premise private cloud and your secondary disaster recovery cloud site, that are key in your digital transformation efforts.

Our fully integrated collaboration services are also hosted on our cloud to ensure your employees can communicate, collaborate and do their best work from wherever they are. The best part is that it is fully managed by us so you can save the hassle of having to do so yourself.

Rest assured, security and compliance are built in at the core of our cloud infrastructure to protect any business-critical workload and sensitive data through strategic alliances with security specialists and numerous adherences to industry and global security standards.

Your business ideas will be brought to life from conception through to implementation with customised solutions and professional advice to chart your multicloud strategy. Skilled and certified engineers will be on hand 24/7 to give you the technical support and manage your cloud so you can focus on your core business.

Innovate and grow your business with Time

As more and more enterprises accelerate their journeys to multicloud, they will unlock increasingly impactful benefits that will resonate throughout their businesses.

Time provides a unique opportunity to ensure consistent and simplified applications and cloud operations, across multicloud IT infrastructure through Time Cloud Suite. Organisations can take advantage of a flexible purchasing and consumption program that spans application modernisation, unified cloud operations, and multicloud services across private, public and hybrid cloud infrastructures.

Explore how Time Cloud Suite can help your business increase agility and financial flexibility, enable product and service innovation, and stay competitive in the digital economy.

For more information, you can visit and also download the eBook on their website to kickstart or accelerate your digital transformation journey today!


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