How GlobalConnect maximises the capacity of its fibre assets

How GlobalConnect maximises the capacity of its fibre assets

Global Connect

GlobalConnect is a leading supplier of fibre-based data communications and data centres in Northern Europe. Its 100,000 kilometres of fibre and almost 35,000 square metres of secure data centres in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and northern Germany form the platform for its customers’ digital journeys. In addition, customers have access to market-leading network solutions, IT security, IT outsourcing and unified communications to help them focus on their core business and growth.

What was the challenge?

The company saw a growing market need for very-high-capacity, low-latency and high-availability transport links between major regional telehouses and data centres, and internet capacity to Europe’s major internet exchanges. At the same time, GlobalConnect needed to connect its domestic optical infrastructures into one large network from Norway in the north-west to Finland in the east, through Sweden and Denmark, and onwards south to Germany and the Netherlands.

How did GlobalConnect solve it?

Using Nokia’s latest optical technology, GlobalConnect upgraded its optical backbone network to increase the capacity of its fibre. The technology also allowed GlobalConnect to increase network speeds from 10Gbps to 400Gbps for long-haul, metro and regional links. This major upgrade provides the company’s customers with access to 100 times more capacity.

Since implementing the network upgrade, GlobalConnect has implemented 600Gbps speeds to support high-capacity data-centre interconnect across the Nordics using Nokia PSE-V super-coherent optics.

What are the benefits?

The network is built as a mesh, using technology that makes it more resilient for customer traffic and ensures the shortest transport route for minimal latency. GlobalConnect’s fibre network connects many major northern European cities, large data centres and global network hubs, covering large parts of Northern Europe, and making the company one of the region’s leading digital infrastructure providers.

“The latest Nokia dense-wavelength-division-multiplexing [DWDM] technology maximises and future-proofs our own optical fibre capacity and provides high availability through a flexible meshed network. The technology already proved itself to be a winning concept in the first month of the project, delivering 12 x 100Gbps connections for a hyperscale customer only five weeks after project kick-off,” says Jan Flemming Henriksen, head of transport network services at GlobalConnect.

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