Q&A with Cengiz Oztelcan, CEO of Gulf Bridge International (GBI)
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Q&A with Cengiz Oztelcan, CEO of Gulf Bridge International (GBI)

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Ahead of Capacity Middle East, we spoke to Cengiz Oztelcan, CEO of GBI, about the company’s strategic priorities in the Middle Eastern region.

What makes the Middle East region an attractive market for GBI to operate in?

The Middle East still enjoys a significant year-on-year growth in wholesale data and enterprise services. GBI’s advanced network in the region puts it in a strategic position to deliver these services with the highest quality and lowest latency for both carriers and enterprise customers. GBI understands the specific dynamics of the Middle East market and tailors its solutions to meet the requirements.

What are your strategic priorities over the year and what major trends do you see occurring in the Middle Eastern market?

We are focusing on advancing our product portfolio while keeping customer satisfaction and quality at the top of our minds. We also look for ways to further increase our footprint through new routes that provide diversity and choice to our customers. We expect to make several announcements on new partnerships and product launches.

The Middle East region successfully transitions from being followers to being at the forefront of innovators. We will continue to see the global companies’ presence increasing in the region and the regional companies’ presence increasing globally.

What are some of the challenges of operating in the Middle Eastern market and how do you overcome these?

The Middle East has a unique way of doing business which heavily relies upon your reputation and credibility. Many of your customers are also your suppliers and maintaining a mutually beneficial relationship is key to long-term sustainable business. However, as in any other place, the best way to prevail in business is making your customers happy and being regarded as a valuable partner. GBI takes pride in both of these values and strives to challenge itself to continuously improve.

Additionally, the regulatory environment in the region may pose many challenges but maintaining an open communication platform with the local authorities for the benefit of the respective countries help overcome these challenges.

What does GBI hope to achieve by attending Capacity Middle East 2019?

We love to see our customers, partners and vendors all in one place over a few days where we not only talk about business opportunities but also work together to contribute to the advancement of the region.

We are also going through some significant transitions at GBI and would like to inform the industry on these developments.

Lastly, we are fully committed to the Middle East region and would like to reinforce this message to the whole community.