Asian Broadband Subscriber Growth Almost Doubles that of North America
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Asian Broadband Subscriber Growth Almost Doubles that of North America

There were 444.33 million broadband subscribers globally by the end of Q2 2009, according to Point Topic.

This represented a 3% increase on the previous quarter from 431.4 million. At 12.96 million in Q2 2009 the net additions were the lowest since Q1 2005.

The largest shares of the world broadband market are held by western Europe (24.68%) and south and east Asia (23.72%). North America follows with a 21.57% market share then Asia-Pacific with a 14.85% market share, according to Point Topic. The three smallest market shares are held by Latin America (6.59%), eastern Europe (5.65%) and the Middle East and Africa (2.94%).

South and east Asia acquired the largest share of net additions at 35%, representing 4.5 million new subscribers. This total represented 81% of the total in the region and 28% globally. North America followed with an 18% market share or 2.3 million new subscribers, according to Point Topic. Therefore, south and east Asia acquired almost twice as many new broadband subscribers as north America.

Broadband subscriber net additions in Asia-Pacific rose from one million to 1.36 million, according to Point Topic, representing a 32.43% improvement. Three of the top four countries in Asia-Pacific improved their net additions quarter-on-quarter. They were Japan (418,600 new subscribers or 38% more), Australia (343,000 new subscribers or 20% more) and the Philippines (133,202 or 47% more). South Korea acquired 170,526 new subscribers, the third largest number of new subscribers in Asia-Pacific. However, this was down by 26% on the previous quarter.