Reader profile: Mervyn Kelly

Reader profile: Mervyn Kelly

Mervyn Kelly, marketing director for EMEA at Ciena, joined the company six weeks ago, having previously worked at Nortel and Ericsson.

“I’ve been reading Capacity for a long time, and it’s a useful thing to read. It’s important for me to stay up to speed with the rest of the industry, from a number of directions – from a customer perspective, a geographic perspective, a technology perspective, and applications and contents – and looking at our customers, other customers and what they care about. What I really want to know is what is keeping CEO’s up at night.

In my role, what I’m continually looking to do is contextualise our information and be able to give customers reference points. If I’m talking to a customer in France, I can explain what is happening in South America, Europe or India, and keep up to speed where those markets are ahead. EMEA customers also want to hear what’s going on elsewhere. Orange is working all over the place, for example, as is Telefonica. It helps to give something more context, and explain how you can apply something in other areas in the world.

I’m interested in Capacity’s more in-depth coverage of telecoms issues. It gives more flavour of what’s really happening, for example if you’re looking at content and applications on smart phones in the US we want to know what that will lead to, what will it mean for us down the line, and how can we position ourselves. It’s the why’s and wherefore’s behind the news that are really useful. I’m interested to hear about where business leaders are taking their company, and why they’re doing things from a strategic point of view. I like to hear why businesses choose to focus their activities in a certain area.”

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