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Securing networks in an automated world
21 Jun 2018

Increased security, reduced costs and enhanced network visibility are just some of the benefits of adopting automation in networking. Gareth Wilmer investigates this and looks at what’s causing some of the resistance against it

Off the beaten track
20 Jun 2018

What are carriers doing to address the less developed parts of the global digital ecosystem? Guy Matthews looks at what is being planned to connect the remaining pockets of underdevelopment

US and Chinese hyperscale companies dominate global market
23 May 2018

Capital expenditure by the hyperscale data centre companies is growing fast, reports Synergy Research Group. Five companies dominate the market, with 70% of spending, and the whole hyperscale business is focused on the US and China

Worldwide trends for internet of things
23 May 2018

Will LPWA or cellular technologies such as 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G drive the internet of things? Analysys Mason has forecast the future of IoT connectivity by network type across the world

The shifting demands of the enterprise
23 May 2018

DIA remains the most popular way of accessing the cloud, but there has been a shift in deployment methods, according to a recent WAN Summit panel

10 years of collaboration
22 May 2018

i3forum explains how collaboration can accelerate transformation in the international carrier space

Cloud and data centres in figures
27 Apr 2018

The most recent Synergy Research Group figures on hyperscale operators, cloud infrastructure services, unified communications-as-a-service and collaboration

Blockchain: overhyped or must-have?
27 Apr 2018

Will blockchain’s distributed ledger technology unlock new carrier operational dynamism and revenue opportunities? Sue Tabbitt reports

Mixing it up
27 Apr 2018

As more enterprises move applications to the cloud, demand for hybrid models is growing. Guy Matthews looks at how wholesale telecoms sector can adapt to profit from this scenario

Colt and PCCW Global try out blockchain wholesale settlements
27 Apr 2018

Carl Grivner, Colt CEO, and Mike Van Den Bergh, the CMO of PCCW Global, talk to Alan Burkitt-Gray about their pioneering trial of blockchain for inter-carrier settlement of voice minutes, and where this proof of concept may lead the wholesale carrier industry

Living on the edge: the new frontier
27 Apr 2018

Demand for low-latency and real-time insights mean applications are moving closer to the edge. Gareth Willmer explores how this will impact the wholesale industry

Data centre moves afoot
27 Apr 2018

Mergers and acquisitions in the data centre business hit record highs last year. James Pearce looks at the drivers behind the growth of M&A activity

The road to zero touch
27 Apr 2018

Dynamic networks are the name of the game for the carriers of today. Futuristic technologies are calling for futuristic networks, with the ability for full automation along with flexible provisioning, writes Gareth Willmer

Google sends a text on RCS
06 Apr 2018

The mobile industry is excited about RCS, the smart replacement for the 25-year-old SMS. But the industry has been here before, warns Alan Burkitt-Gray, and there are still details to sort out, such as the business model, and whether Apple will join

Five top SD-WAN solutions
12 Mar 2018

Software-defined wide area networks (SD-WAN) offer a range of benefits that make it crucial for any network leveraging new technologies

It’s a WAN-derful World
12 Mar 2018

48% of enterprise respondents at the last WAN Summit event in London said they had plans to implement an SD-WAN service, but were either in the process of selecting a partner or yet to begin the selection

Shaping up for SD-WAN
12 Mar 2018

How is SD-WAN shaping up the changing enterprise network? Is traditional MPLS networking dead? Gareth Willmer reports

Weighing up the M&A options
09 Mar 2018

Consolidation is in the air, but regulators – from the US Department of Justice to the European Commission – have their reservations. Gareth Willmer looks at where the deals are

Choose tomorrow, today
09 Mar 2018

The digital world in which we live today is defined by connections; connections between people and “things”, supported by technology and offering up multiple possibilities. How is Telefónica transforming to capture these opportunities?

Executive forecasts 2018
09 Mar 2018

Key industry figures identify which technology or service will drive the evolving wholesale landscape in the next five years

Market data: 2017 round-up
09 Mar 2018

The carrier wholesale market is an evolving industry with content moving closer to the edge and interconnection bandwidth set to surge. Capacity looks at some key trends from 2017, which includes the increasing threat of DDoS attacks

Technology roadmap: 2018
09 Mar 2018

What are the technology trends carriers will be responding to in 2018? From the rise in packaged capacity to software-defined networking, right down to the increased uptake of Communications Platforms-as-a-Service, we take a look at the emerging technologies likely to be at the forefront over the coming year

20 women to watch in telecoms
08 Mar 2018

In celebration of International Women's Day, Capacity shines a light on 20 of the most prominent women in the wholesale telecoms business.

Regional analysis: Middle east
06 Mar 2018

The sector in the Middle East is in the midst of a decade of strong growth. This has been pushed by a surge in investment and e-government initiatives

Setting the pace with software
06 Mar 2018

Carriers are exploring ways to transform their operations through the power of software. Guy Matthews examines what software can do for wholesale telecoms

And then there were four: death in Indian mobile
16 Jan 2018

The Indian mobile business is looking like an Agatha Christie murder story. In 2014 there were 13 operators in the business in India, from Bharti Airtel with 22.53% of the market down to Quadrant with 0.24%. Soon there’ll be four or five.

GDPR: Know the rules
04 Jan 2018

Would you be able to pay a fine that’s 4% of your global group turnover? Europe’s new data protection rules are important for service providers across the world, writes Alan Burkitt-Gray

Maintaining peak practice
04 Jan 2018

As shopping activity surges at this time of year, what is the impact on carrier security? Gareth Willmer looks at the issues

Subsea cable projects
04 Jan 2018

With a number of subsea cable projects announced in 2017, capacity looks at some of the most innovative ones in the pipeline