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INNOVATION BUSINESS BRIEFING 2013: Bigger, Better, Faster, More
06 Dec 2013

What might life be like for network providers in the 2020’s? With only two US presidential elections, seven Super Bowls and 12 total solar eclipses to go before we find out, Richard Irving asks where innovation is taking the wholesale sector.

Tom Fallon, Infinera Q&A: Delivering on time
29 Nov 2013

Optical transport company Infinera has been deploying its DTN-X platform with vigour across the globe over the last year. Capacity catches up with the company’s CEO Tom Fallon to find out more about its forward-thinking strategy.

Len Padilla, NTT Europe Q&A: Migrating to the cloud
27 Nov 2013

NTT Europe is aiming to leverage its extensive background in the cloud market to help carriers and enterprises alike with their migration to the cloud. Here, the company’s VP of product strategy, Len Padilla, shares his vision and strategy for the cloud.

Six startups to watch
07 Nov 2013

As operators continue to look at ways to innovate, startups across the globe are crying out for hefty carrier investment. Capacity looks at six startups to watch.

NORTH AMERICA SPECIAL: Turf war in rural Canada
06 Nov 2013

Efforts to improve connectivity in Canada’s Northwest Territories have sparked an unlikely turf war, pitting a clutch of local startups against an incumbent operator that had been enjoying a state-approved monopoly for decades.

The EU single market: Will 28 become one?
30 Oct 2013

Operators hold opposing views to Neelie Kroes' plans to create a European single market, but are the commissioner's proposals really the answer to the continent's problems? Kavit Majithia investigates.

23 Sep 2013

It is an oft-quoted truism among fraud investigators that in order to stop a crook, you must first stop the flow of money. In the case of the global wholesale telecoms market, this is much easier said than done.

FRAUD & SECURITY BUSINESS BRIEFING 2013: The definitive guide to fraud types
16 Sep 2013

There are an estimated 400 different types of fraud permeating the wholesale telecoms markets. As schemes become more sophisticated and the crooks harder to catch, carriers are increasingly finding themselves outmanoeuvred and footing the bill. Here Capacity identifies the types of fraud they are up against.

Top 10 deals to watch
09 Sep 2013

M&A activity has been widespread in 2013, with telecoms dominating business news headlines worldwide. And there is plenty more to come.

Myanmar: Timeline of events
05 Sep 2013

An overview of the most important milestones so far in the history of Myanmar's fledgling telecoms market.

Myanmar: High opportunity, high risk
05 Sep 2013

Over 90 operators were interested in entering the Myanmar market. Just two were selected to champion a new era of connectivity for the country. But is Myanmar ready?

SDN SPECIAL: Guiding carriers through SDN
04 Sep 2013

The long march towards software defined networking (SDN) appears to pose more questions than it answers. Richard Irving reports on what carriers really need to know.

SDN SPECIAL: The $35 billion SDN question
03 Sep 2013

The telecoms industry agrees that Software Defined Networking (SDN) is a good thing. But network operators will need convincing before they divert capex budgets to yet another untried "bleeding edge" technology. So how can the wholesale market make money out of SDN?

ITW 2013 review
09 Jul 2013

ITW has well and truly found its feet in Chicago as it completes its second successful year in the windy city. Capacity reports on all the action at another record-breaking event.

Satellite Communications Special: The sky's the limit
08 Jul 2013

The satellite sector is reinventing itself, tapping into areas such as mobile backhaul and forging closer links with the terrestrial market. Has this ushered in a new era of collaboration with the carrier community?

Ahead of the curve: Where east meets west
21 Jun 2013

International carriers and players are increasingly looking to Turkey as a hub for traffic between East and West. Gareth Willmer looks at the market and the wider Eurasia region's potential as a transit point.

IPX Business Briefing 2013: Managing the transition to IP
10 Jun 2013

As operators continue to connect using IPX providers, they rely on those same providers to resolve technical interworking problems. Will IPX relationships also require support from IPX providers for the business model too? Tim Phillips finds out.

IPX Business Briefing 2013: The social networker
10 Jun 2013

Telstra Global’s director of portfolio & marketing, Nathan Bell, has crafted a clever new approach for developing the company’s IPX platform – he’s targeting business with the OTT players. Tim Phillips finds out more.

Changes and challenges in wholesale recruitment
24 May 2013

Erin Santos, executive consultant at specialist telecoms recruitment agency Wenham Carter, talks to Capacity about recruiting in the niche arena of wholesale telecoms, and its development over the next few years.

24 May 2013

Ian McVey, director of enterprise and systems integrator segment at Interxion, believes a well-crafted data centre strategy could help carriers and other players seize on the growing potential for big data. Gareth Willmer asks how.

Top 10 movers in wholesale telecoms
24 May 2013

The right appointment at the right moment can lead to a remarkable change in fortune for a company. Capacity looks at the top 10 moves in wholesale telecoms over the last 12 months which could pay off.

IFRS Compliancy: Accounting for change
24 May 2013

The telecoms industry could be facing one of the most radical overhauls of its accounting practices and systems as it attempts to become compliant with new International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). Alex Hawkes investigates.

DATA CENTRE SPECIAL: Evolving data centre models
24 May 2013

As global carriers increasingly move towards the cloud and higher-capacity services and networks, the role of the data centre has been shifting from pure storage and connectivity into a place to do business with multiple tenants. Gareth Willmer investigates the moving market dynamics.

Wholesale Reborn?
21 May 2013

The future of wholesale telecoms is uncharted territory, and carrier business models are being adapted for survival in what will no doubt be a challenging environment. Capacity reports on the new frontier.

M2M Business Briefing 2013: 2G or not 2G? That is the question
26 Mar 2013

Spectrum is getting as rare as hen's teeth, prompting mobile operators to start shutting down 2G networks to free up valuable space on the airwaves. But machine-to-machine customers neither want nor can afford to switch to more expensive 3G systems. So where, asks Richard Irving, will they end up?

M2M Business Briefing 2013: Cyber society
26 Mar 2013

Texting cows…crime-busting sensors… smart delivery vans - the future of mobile telephony may lie in the constant chatter of machines, not humans. Richard Irving investigates.

Charting future wholesale trends
05 Feb 2013

An unintended consequence of network innovation is that it opens the floodgates to as many threats as it does opportunities – just ask mobile operators struggling to make the economics of 4G investment stack up in a world where OTT players proliferate. Richard Irving assesses the prospects for wholesale operators.

Service providers fighting back against fraud
01 Feb 2013

A brutal war is raging in cyber space as sophisticated criminal gangs seek to harness the power of smart devices and next-generation networks to siphon data – and cash – from big business. Richard Irving finds out how service operators are fighting back.

The final stage of consolidation in the US metro market
31 Jan 2013

Twelve months ago, six premier metro fibre providers were jostling for position ahead of a final round of consolidation. Two have emerged to lead the pack, two have been snapped up and two remain as targets.

Women in telecoms: 10 to watch in 2013
29 Jan 2013

If, as Capacity magazine argued throughout much of last year, a lack of representation at board room level is failing the wholesale industry at large, then a lack of female talent is even more damning. Here, for the first time, we highlight 10 women that everyone in wholesale should seek inspiration from over the coming months.

Is bandwidth a tradable commodity?
17 Jan 2013

Epsilon's decision to reintroduce a bandwidth trading platform after widespread failures in the market over a decade ago has again brought about the age-old question: is bandwidth a tradable commodity?

Subsea Special: Filling the digital gap
10 Jan 2013

Submarine cable projects that address small communities don’t always make the headlines, but nevertheless have the ability to transform lives through the power of fibre connectivity.