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LTE: The next generation of superfast networks
13 Nov 2012

LTE may be fast emerging as the leading next-generation mobile solution, but it is also providing as many pitfalls as opportunities for carriers. Kavit Majithia investigates.

Navigating geopolitical hurdles in the Middle East
10 Nov 2012

Efforts to establish alternative routes for international traffic between Asia and Europe are often hindered by geopolitical hurdles in the Middle East. Gareth Willmer investigates the problems facing carriers in the region.

Europe Special: Finding space in the ‘Big 4’
10 Nov 2012

Europe’s booming data centre sector remains concentrated in the ‘Big 4’ metros. Guy Matthews investigates what makes a data centre stand out to carriers in these ultracompetitive markets.

Europe Special: The heartland of carrier collaboration
10 Nov 2012

Europe is probably the most advanced testing ground for carrier collaboration in the world, setting a pace that other regions will most likely end up copying at a future stage of their evolution. Guy Matthews reports.

The modern outsourcing contract
22 Oct 2012

The structure of outsourcing and managed services deals has altered radically, leading to a major shift in the balance of power between contractor and customer. Guy Matthews investigates the implications.

Outsourcing in the cloud era
22 Oct 2012

The cloud era has found carriers in the unusual position of both offering cloud as a managed service as well as utilising it for their own business processes. Guy Matthews explores the multifaceted world of carrier cloud strategies.

Regulatory issues facing Canada's telecoms market
16 Oct 2012

A relaxation of rules on foreign ownership and Bell’s proposed takeover of media company Astral Media have ensured Canada’s otherwise uncontroversial telecoms market has been thrust into the headlines. Gareth Willmer explores whether the market is on the brink of a major regulatory overhaul.

The US mobile backhaul revolution
16 Oct 2012

The advent of LTE fourth-generation mobile networks has triggered a revolution in mobile backhaul facilities. Gary Kim investigates the key technologies and players behind this latest trend in the US market.

Latency Special: Latency rates 2012
06 Sep 2012

In a rare attempt to establish some public benchmarks, Capacity has commissioned Renesys, the internet monitoring specialist, to calculate latencies between the world’s 10 largest centres of economic activity. As public data dries up, Richard Irving reports on the findings.

Carrier network investment amid Eurozone crisis
04 Sep 2012

The shrinking Eurozone economy has led to another underwhelming set of half year financial reports for the region’s carriers. Gareth Willmer investigates whether the potential double-dip recession could damage long-term network investment.

The role of satellite in today's telecoms ecosystem
04 Sep 2012

Is the worldwide push towards fibre going to eventually bring satellite communications back down to earth? Kavit Majithia investigates if satellite remains a primary infrastructure in today’s telecoms ecosystem.

Latam Special: Central America... more than just the middle man?
07 Aug 2012

It’s easy to write off Central America as a poor relation to the far larger, headline-grabbing economies to the south. Is the region, however, starting to generate its own traffic rather than act as a mere staging post on the route north to south? Guy Matthews investigates.

Carriers and OTT providers: friends or foes?
06 Aug 2012

United by growing traffic volumes, divided by contrasting revenues – can carriers and over-the-top (OTT) providers ever get along? Kavit Majithia investigates.

ITW 2012 breaks records in Chicago debut
18 Jun 2012

ITW’s new home in Chicago helped set new records this year as nearly 5,400 telecoms executives converged on the city, marking the event’s highest attendance yet. Robert Anderson reports on all the action.

International carriers target investment in Indochina
18 Jun 2012

Investment in network infrastructure and services is pouring into the Indochinese markets, marking the peninsula as a fertile hunting ground for the international carrier community. Guy Matthews investigates the potential of Asia’s latest high growth markets.

Roundtable: 100G comes of age
12 Jun 2012

The long march to 100G represents the biggest reboot of global networks for more than a decade. Here, Capacity asks some of the movers and shakers that have played a major role in shaping the upgrade to talk on the challenges that still lie ahead.

Opportunities for carriers in Asian ICT hubs
21 May 2012

By 2020, it is predicted that forty cities worldwide will be ‘smart’, with Asia providing a focal point. Ian Chard examines the opportunities for carriers in the region’s ICT hubs.

Metro Special: The key questions facing metro CEOs
11 May 2012

Metro providers are to face more than their fair share of challenges over the coming months, from a new wave of consolidation that promises to reshape the competitive landscape, to a shortage of fibre coming out of Japan. Capacity invited four of the industry’s most influential thinkers to share their thoughts on the key themes facing them.

Renesys Wholesale Rankings
11 May 2012

Using its exclusive data, Renesys shares an overview of the IP transit market over the last 12 months and provides commentary on all the main movers and shakers.

Carriers in the telepresence market
11 May 2012

After years of promise, the technology is finally here to support telepresence and the impetus now lies with carriers and service providers to make it a profitable and popular market opportunity. But can they do it in the smartphone era? Guy Matthews takes to the business suite to find out.

Submarine cable connectivity in West Africa
01 Mar 2012

Until this summer, the west of coast of Africa has been severely lagging behind its eastern counterpart in terms of connectivity. With two high-profile subsea cable launches imminent, Kavit Majithia explores how these will transform Africa’s telecoms ecosystem once again.

M2M opportunities and challenges for carriers
01 Mar 2012

For carriers, the market for machine-to-machine (M2M) services has not only become an opportunity that cannot be ignored, but also a problematic obstacle course. The difficulty, as Guy Matthews discovers, is that M2M doesn’t work to the same rulebook that governs the other service areas in a carrier’s portfolio.

Mergers and acquisitions in the US cable market
17 Feb 2012

Last year wasn’t exactly a career high point for dealmakers in the metro markets. But despite several high profile failures, all the signs point to a new wave of consolidation that will redefine the fibre infrastructure sector forever. Richard Irving reports on some unlikely contenders.

Developing content hubs in the Middle East
17 Feb 2012

The Arab Spring highlighted the power of social media across the Middle East last year. But as Kavit Majithia discovers, content providers specialising in Arabic material have been mounting a revolution in the content space for years.

Wholesale world 2012: How carriers are meeting mobile demand
16 Jan 2012

The surge in global demand for mobile data services is continuing to radically alter the investment priorities and alliance strategies of some of the industry’s leading telcos. Ronan Shields foresees the revision of network capacity needs in 2012 and beyond.

Service providers moving to private cloud
11 Jan 2012

Kavit Majithia examines the phenomenon of the private mobile cloud, and considers how service providers are increasingly moving away from the public cloud to better serve their specific business needs.