“Role modelling inclusive behaviours at the highest levels is critical for change”

“Role modelling inclusive behaviours at the highest levels is critical for change”

Portrait Ruth Welter

Ruth Welter, VP – strategic alliances, Colt Technology Services believes that improving diversity in tech starts at the top.

"Although we’re seeing some progress, diversity in tech is still an issue. Diverse businesses outperform others at every level: they attract talent, are more innovative, benefit from faster decision making, benefit from greater employee engagement and they deliver a better customer experience.

"Our CEO Keri Gilder is passionate about addressing disparity in the tech industry. She’s working hard to remove barriers that prevent minority groups from progressing and is unafraid to tackle ‘taboo’ topics such as menopause in the workplace and bring them into the open. She is trailblazing programmes to echo this across the business and across the industry. Role modelling inclusive behaviours at the highest levels is absolutely critical if we’re going to action lasting change.

Using AI to empower people

"We’re using AI to get closer to our customers: we have an AI custom-built recommendation engine using Microsoft Azure, which we use to process and analyse a wide set of datapoints. It has helped us increase our pipeline, and boost our NPS. We continue to deepen our AI skills as a business with interactive webinars and our learning platform. Broadening our skills on AI isn’t a ‘standalone’ initiative: it’s part of a wider strategy to maximise AI and machine learning to continue to deliver amazing employee, customer and partner experiences.

"We have a Flexible First approach to work founded on flexibility, and the trust and empowerment that goes alongside it. It provides people with flexibility to choose where they work, taking into consideration what is best for our customers, the business and each of us as individuals. It’s part of our culture and employee experience, that helps us to attract and retain the talented people we need.

The increase in digitalisation should be seen as a positive

"Network traffic is growing exponentially and this growth will continue. At Colt – as a fixed network provider - we consider this a positive development: it reflects the increasing digitalisation of society and the economy, and should not be considered a problem that needs to be resolved and justifies policy intervention and much less any regulatory change.

"We believe there is no need to re-shape the regulatory framework for electronic communications (and certainly not to proceed to full deregulation) or to reorganise how electronic communications network operators generate revenues. There are universal service regimes in place to support vulnerable consumers, and the EU Broadband State Aid Guidelines support Member States in providing ensure affordable broadband access – so there is already substantial EU and national funding in place.

"Beyond the incumbents and pure digital players, there are many European telecom market participants that directly cover the needs of B2B customers and consumers. Such policy intervention could risk giving incumbents an unfair advantage, so any charges would need to be equitable for all operators regardless of size.

"As AI and quantum accelerate in their usage, traffic volumes will continue to surge; the need for robust end-to-end security will grow, and it will be even more important for organisations to have access to flexible, adaptive, powerful consumption-based networks. We view this as an opportunity to play a key role in delivering world-class infrastructure, on which the future of our digital economy depends. Deregulating the electronic communications market would hold Europe back from its position at the cutting edge of digitalisation.

"As demand for intelligent digital infrastructure grows, we continue to invest in expanding the Colt IQ Network and in our valued partner ecosystem to support our customers’ growth strategies, and to meet growing demand from our hyperscaler partners.

"We’ve seen a shift in the traditional buyer/vendor relationship to a more equitable partnership which brings value and trust. Customers and end users require self-serve capabilities, deeper levels of automation and faster delivery. It’s an exciting time to rethink and reinvent what partnering really means, and the invaluable role of the connected partner ecosystem."

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