NTT: helping partners evolve with quality IP and security
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NTT: helping partners evolve with quality IP and security


Now more than ever, fierce competition means that entities such as web hosting companies need to offer a reliable, high-latency and secure service. NTT believes it has just the right established expertise, network and services to support the evolution of growing businesses in that sector like 3W Infra.

In this day and age, high-quality and secure IP networks have increasingly become a must for a wide array of businesses as demand for bandwidth continues to grow worldwide. The likes of web hosting companies that operate globally need the means to provide a fully reliable and continuous service to keep their customers connected.

Partnering with tier-1 carriers that have a strong network in combination with robust security services is a clear option for pursuing success. NTT finds itself as a key provider here, with the ability to offer a high level of support for rapidly expanding companies via its Global IP Network and DDoS Protection Services (DPS).

One such company is 3W Infra, an Amsterdam-based infrastructure-as-a-service company founded in 2014 by industry veteran Murat Bayhan, who is also the firm’s CEO. The organisation, which provides tailored hosting services to meet the needs of customers in industries including online gaming, e-commerce, financial services, and media and entertainment, has extensive bandwidth capacity and gives customers a flexible set of options, offering a range of ports up to 100G.

“We have a wide bandwidth capacity that lets us not push customers into certain commitments,” says Bayhan. “We help customers customise how they want their infrastructure.” In addition, the company offers burstable, volume-based tariff options to match customer requirements.

Tier-1 transit

3W Infra needs the service level to underpin this highly customised approach, and sources from tier-1 transit providers to support that goal. The company focuses on strong performance rather than just price to give customers the assurance they are receiving a quality and safe proposition.

In addition, the firm seeks to incorporate built-in redundancy by harnessing a multi-carrier global network that provides optimal route selection for destinations, as well as scalability and cost-efficiency.

In line with this strategy, 3W Infra turned in its early days to NTT as one such partner. The selection was based partly on NTT’s recognition in the industry as a customer-oriented organisation that is quick to provide support whenever needed and carry out rapid provisioning in response to changing customer needs. “It was a known brand with quality,” explains Bayhan. “Whenever we have a request, it has been responded to on time.”

3W Infra currently connects to PoPs that NTT’s Global IP Network has in Amsterdam, and benefits from the ability to supply redundancy via dual ports. The company is keen to continue working with its partner as it expands in the future, with the scope for potentially adding more PoPs in different locations later, including other countries.

Security on top

With 3W Infra seeing the partnership bear fruit over the years, it further cemented the relationship last year by adding NTT’s DDoS Protection Services (DPS) to bolster security for users.

Seeking to ensure watertight security, 3W Infra opted for the NTT service that provides the highest level of DDoS protection. This is one of a range of options for network security services offered by the Global IP Network under its DPS portfolio, with clients able to select the level of protection they need based on their risk profiles and defence strategies.

“The services include proactive attack detection and automatic mitigation based on customer-defined attack thresholds, as well as access to our Network Security Team,” says Darren Grabowski, who leads that team at NTT’s Global IP Network. “We can react in both an automated and hands-on way when attacks occur, and provide the capabilities and expertise our clients need in such stressful circumstances.”

Since 3W Infra signed up to the service in September 2021, explains Bayhan, it has helped give real peace of mind – with attacks still occurring, but not leading to downtime or latency issues. “I can’t sleep at night knowing that we’ll be under attack,” he says. “DPS improves my quality of sleep and helps us grow.”

Alongside the high-quality transit services that 3W Infra receives from NTT, that level of security is a further string to the bow. “Not only from a technical point of view but also from a security point of view, we are safe,” says Bayhan. “I can say we are in a safe harbour when we are with NTT.”

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