10 years of collaboration

10 years of collaboration

i3forum explains how collaboration can accelerate transformation in the international carrier space

The global telecoms market is in a state of transition with transformation front and center of the industry. Carriers are looking to evolve business models and service portfolios to address new challenges and drive change in new areas. 

As carriers transitioned from TDM to IP we saw how collaboration supported network transformation and helped address one of the most challenging industry evolutions in the last 10 years. 

The carrier community has achieved so much over the last decade, but the industry does not stand still and nor can we. 

Our survival hinges on our ability to innovate and transform. As our industry is interconnected and interdependent, we have to work together to enable and accelerate transformation. 

Transformation is a day-to-day reality

The international carrier ecosystem has grown in scope with new technologies, services and models. At the same time our traditional business models are being challenged and end users are driving transformation and dictating the services they use.  We must keep up with new demand by embracing new technology and transforming with it. There’s new complexity but there’s also new opportunities.

The need to collaborate to grow and become more efficient

As the industry continues to evolve, we must come together to address new challenges and drive transformation in new areas, including the way we work together. This collaboration lies at the heart of the i3forum’s work. Having supported industry on the network transformation journey we are now working to help Carriers create operational efficiencies and adopt new technologies. Whether it is new models for payments, settlements or combatting Voice Fraud, the i3forum can facilitate change and evolution within our industry.  

In the future, the speed, depth and scope of transformation is only going to accelerate. We need to join forces to shape our collective future. At the i3 forum our goal is to solve new industry challenges, produce recommendations and drive initiatives that benefit the entire carrier ecosystem. By coming together, we can create real outcomes and deliver tangible benefits for the ecosystem. 

Collaboration is critical to the success of carriers globally. Join us!

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