Mumbai-IX to launch services at STT carrier hotel

Mumbai-IX to launch services at STT carrier hotel

Mumbai-IX, powered by DE-CIX, will make services available at STT’s carrier hotel in Mumbai (formerly known as TATA LVSB) facility, starting in March 2018.

The STT building is one of the key hubs that provide India with international connectivity. This is the third point of presence (PoP) of Mumbai-IX in the metro market. The carrier and data centre-neutral IX serves around 90 providers and has recently passed the 100Gbps peak traffic threshold.

Mumbai-IX, the first DE-CIX Exchange on the Indian sub-continent, connects all kinds of internet providers, including broadband providers, content delivery networks, and cloud companies. The company facilitates the direct and settlement-free exchange of internet traffic between all participants and it is the first IXP fully-licensed by the Department of Telecommunications, as well as being the only Indian IXP that has been awarded the prestigious Open-IX certification.

“We are excited to be able to expand into the STT carrier hotel, allowing all networks in the building to benefit from the Mumbai-IX offering. We will install our award winning DE-CIX Internet Exchange infrastructure to allow maximum scalability and robustness for Mumbai-IX,” said Ivo Ivanov, board member of the Mumbai-IX operating company, DE-CIX Interwire India.

This core node of Mumbai-IX will provide premium IXP services, backed by industry-leading service level agreements (SLAs).

The IXP is soon to launch in additional key markets in India.