IP-VPN Mobile Access footprint expansion to Hungary

IP-VPN Mobile Access footprint expansion to Hungary

With the launch of Deutsche Telekom’s innovative IP-VPN Mobile Access product in Hungary, the carrier implemented the next step towards becoming a regional wholesale provider of secure mobile connectivity solutions

Sponsored contentIn November 2016, Deutsche Telekom International Carrier Sales & Solutions Carrier Enterprise Services (CES) launched its unique IP-VPN Mobile Access solution in Germany. Using advanced LTE-based mobile radio technology for network access, the product is a comprehensive and pioneering offering for the wholesale telecoms industry, providing enterprises with a valuable extension of existing fixed-line connectivity products. Service providers can offer their enterprise customers the ability to easily connect hard to reach or temporary sites into their Virtual Private Networks using mobile radio access (LTE) technology. This innovative solution seamlessly integrates with fixed-line data connections using a secure, high performance Layer3 service. 

The IP-VPN Mobile Access product first launched in Germany is now being extended to Hungary, meaning that under a single contract a customer can order the service in either or both countries with the same central NNI handover out of one hand. 

“By making this service available now in Hungary, ICSS CES is differentiating itself from other carriers in having a unique, cross-regional mobile access-based proposition in the wholesale arena,” says Dr. Bertold Frech, Head of CES at Deutsche Telekom ICSS. “Our launch in Germany last year was just the first step in rolling out a regional solution to our carrier customers. We are now entering into the second stage of this plan to continuously increase the regional footprint where the product is available.”

Future phases

IP-VPN Mobile Access, he says, will eventually be available across the carrier’s whole footprint. With ICSS also active in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland, these countries are likely to be next in line for future phases of a regional mobile access offer. ICSS CES says it is aiming to expand the service to a third country before the end of 2017.

Wholesale customers will be able to deploy the solution to help enterprises to overcome geographical limitations, network deployment constraints or implementation time barriers while being fully adaptable to actual customer needs. The regional nature of the solution will be in tune with the centralised purchasing strategy of both wholesale and enterprise customers.

Flexible contract terms are another of the product’s key selling points. The service is priced based on the mobile data consumption of the customer site, with a predictable flat rate pricing scheme that scales with usage. At the moment, there are five different packages on offer ranging from 30GB up to 150GB. ICSS is currently working on to widen the spectrum of the available data volumes to support even the needs of heavy user customers.

The design of the Hungarian proposition is identical to the original German offering creating a truly regional proposition. It also includes a flexible and dynamic upgrade scheme enabling the customer to seamlessly switch between different packages on a monthly basis. 

Customer focus

Dr. Frech stresses that CES is focused on helping  customers serve specialised customer needs with maximum flexibility: “Our carrier customers can serve their end-users any way they want,” he says. “We provide a high-end unmanaged router letting the carrier tailor the service to the specific end-user requirements.” 

Based on DT’s best in class LTE mobile networks in Europe, benefitting from flexible contract terms, and being integrated into ICSS’s standard ordering and delivery processes mean that the new offer can be expected to make waves across some of Europe’s most dynamic markets: “We are proud to be serving the regional needs of our carrier customers with this innovative offering,” adds Dr. Frech.

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