Retelit: flexibility, leanness and agility

Retelit: flexibility, leanness and agility

As Italy-based carrier Retelit grows its footprint outside its domestic market, head of sales Diego Teot explains how the company provides something different from the competition

Italy-based carrier Retelit is seeing its international presence surge in 2017. The activation of the AAE-1 submarine cable, on which it is a landing partner, combined with a new collaboration on cable backhaul with Belgium-based global carrier BICS and a recent investment in Sicily-based consortium Open Hub Med have enhanced the company’s attraction for international customers. 

In this environment, Retelit believes it can offer both Italian and international customers a package that sets it apart from the competition. 

The company’s model allows it to offer a large amount of flexibility in terms of its contracts, explains head of sales Diego Teot. He says that Retelit is a lean and agile provider with strong experience of serving carrier needs and the ability to provide price-competitive packages tailored specifically to customer requirements – not just on the technical side, but with regard to what Teot calls “softer features” that form a package as well. 

This term refers to facets of an offer such as a quick turnaround to answer queries on the price and solution for any data services and the way a service is presented and described in accompanying documentation, as well as flexibility on the contract conditions.

“We provide multiple options for the same technical solution, with a comprehensive documentation package that captures customer requirements and describes the options offered,” says Teot.

This means that rather than just offering a standard technical and contractual package at a flat price for a certain period, Retelit can offer a package that changes to adapt to customer needs over the years of a contract and provide extra capacity for those that want the option to upgrade later. 

Teot explains that large over-the-top providers with sizeable “wallets” often like to pay up front for services, but others prefer multiple-year contracts that change over time. Retelit can accommodate both, also giving it a large amount of appeal to small and larger customers alike, he says.

And these factors are key for AAE-1-based services, says Teot, allowing Retelit to act as an effective “enabler” for both Italian and international players. “At the end of the day, when a cable lands on the coast, it needs to be interconnected to services that have flexibility,” he says.

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