Equinix and Global Capacity collaborate to provide direct access to the cloud

Equinix and Global Capacity collaborate to provide direct access to the cloud

Equinix is collaborating with Global Capacity to provide enterprise customers with direct access to cloud service providers on Equinix’s Cloud Exchange.

Through a direct Ethernet connection from Global Capacity’s One Marketplace, enterprises can gain fast access to multiple cloud services from the eight Equinix International Business Exchange data centres in which Global Capacity resides.

With One Marketplace, enterprises can bypass the public internet with secure, private Ethernet services, connecting their headquarters and data centres to the Equinix Cloud Exchange, enabling them to build the hybrid cloud solutions needed for business critical operations.

“The secure, high-performance connectivity provided by One Marketplace to the Equinix Cloud Exchange allows enterprises to access the services needed to build sophisticated hybrid cloud solutions capable of supporting their business-critical operations and applications," said Jim Poole, VP of global service providers at Equinix.

"With this solution, cloud providers such as AWS in Washington, DC, are now easily accessible from nearby metropolitan centres such as New York."

Ben Edmond, CEO of Global Capacity, said: "Demand for public, private and hybrid cloud services continues to grow steadily throughout the enterprise sector."

"We are proud to offer our enterprise customers a simple, reliable and cost-effective solution to accelerate cloud migration through the interconnection of One Marketplace and the Equinix Cloud Exchange."