TeliaSonera International Carrier deploys fraud solution

TeliaSonera International Carrier (TSIC) has deployed an automatic fraud detection service for its international voice customers.

This service has been developed and tested in partnership with IPsoft, a provider of fraud management and big data application services.

The move is expected to bring additional protection to TSIC’s customers, and using statistical analytics will also help them to more effectively identify the source of fraud.

“TSIC is committed to providing the best customer experience for our international voice partners both today and in the years ahead. Promptly identifying and taking action on fraud is key to security and maintaining the integrity of our services,” said Simon Dodsworth, VP, head of voice and mobile, TSIC. “The solution implemented with IPsoft is a major step in our fraud detection capabilities and we believe it moves us to the forefront of carriers offering fraud avoidance solutions while delivering an enhanced level of service for our customers.”

IPsoft’s solution is said to analyse parameters in call detail records (CDRs) to monitor deviation from statistically ‘normal’ behaviour by route. The solution claims to offer 98% accuracy levels and scales to 500 million calls per day.