14,000 petabytes in mobile data traffic by 2015
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14,000 petabytes in mobile data traffic by 2015

The traffic generated by smartphones, featurephones and tablets will total more than 14,000 petabytes by 2015, according to Juniper Research.

That is equivalent to 18 billion movie downloads or 3 trillion music tracks.

North America will generate the most data traffic, closely followed by western Europe, but the two regions will also account for over 60% of global mobile data offload. The developing market to see the greatest growth in data offloaded will be the Indian subcontinent.

Over 63% of traffic (9,000 petabytes) will be offloaded onto Wifi and femtocell networks, aiming to ease pressure on operators. Wifi currently handles 90% of offloaded traffic, but femtocells will increasingly be used over the forecasted period.

However, the introduction of offloading measures may actually put strains on the cellular network because of the transference from fixed to mobile traffic handling methods.


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