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James Segil, Edgecast: Interconnecting a wholesale CDN

01 Dec 2011

Sitting on the edge of the networks, it is the CDN cache that is enabling data evolution experienced by carriers and end-users alike. James Segil, president and co-founder at Edgecast Networks explains to Kavit Majithia why CDN is changing the way carriers approach their strategy towards interconnection and its role in scaling the internet.

Fiona Beck, Southern Cross Cable Network: First class upgrade

17 Nov 2011

The sheer scale and cost of deploying new subsea cable systems doesn’t exactly rest comfortably with the current global financial climate. Fiona Beck, president and CEO of Southern Cross Cable Network and president of SubOptic, explains to Alex Hawkes why upgrading existing systems is becoming an increasingly attractive option.

Carl Roberts, Verizon Global Wholesale: Evolving ecosystems

17 Nov 2011

While some try to extract the last juices from legacy systems, for Carl Roberts, group vice president of Verizon Global Wholesale, it’s time to dramatically redefine the way we do business in wholesale telecoms. He shares his thoughts with Angela Partington.

Francois Eloy, Colt Communication Services: An agile approach

11 Oct 2011

As EVP of Colt Communication Services, Francois Eloy is in a position to redesign Colt’s business relationships. But what are the issues which have led him to make these changes, and what broader changes does he foresee for the telecoms industry at large? Angela Partington reports.

Interview with Dr Hamadoun Touré, ITU

30 Aug 2011

As secretary-general of the International Telecommunication Union, Dr Hamadoun Touré is committed to a mission to connect the world. But what role does the private sector play, and can the ITU develop global standards and regulations which will support businesses? Angela Partington reports.

Interview with Bill Chang, SingTel

15 Jul 2011

Kavit Majithia talks to Bill Chang, EVP business at SingTel, about his role in integrating ICT services with traditional telecoms and raising awareness of such a strategy across Singapore and Asia.

Alejandro Caeg, PLDT: Serving Filipino customers home and abroad

17 Jun 2011

How can an incumbent retain a dominant position in the domestic market while serving its huge population based abroad? Alex Hawkes talks to PLDT’s first vice president and head of carrier business Alejandro Caeg about the company’s multifaceted approach.

Byron Clatterbuck, Tata Communications: Subsea cable systems go global

13 May 2011

Through a series of shrewd investments and new system builds, Tata Communications has developed one of the largest privately owned subsea cable system networks on the planet. Byron Clatterbuck, president of global carrier solutions at Tata Communications shares his network and subsea cable philosophy with Alex Hawkes.

Nan Chen, CENX: Pioneering Carrier Ethernet

13 May 2011

In the space of just over 10 years, Carrier Ethernet has evolved into a $20 billion global industry. Alex Hawkes talks to CENX and MEF president Nan Chen – a key figure throughout the Carrier Ethernet revolution and a pioneer of the Carrier Ethernet exchange.

Crossing the Gulf

01 Apr 2011

Alex Hawkes talks to Andrew Grenville, EVP of investments (special projects) at du, about the company’s vision of transforming the UAE into the definitive ICT hub for the Middle East.

The challenges of an on-demand culture

16 Mar 2011

Angela Partington talks to Will Hughs, president and CEO of Telstra International, Americas, about the unpredictable loads that social networking places on the networks, and asks what service providers should be doing to tackle the problem.

Working in an IP world

15 Feb 2011

Angela Partington talks to Willem Offerhaus, CEO of iBasis about the challenges involved in developing his business in an IP world.

Bjarni Thorvardarson, Hibernia Atlantic: Competing for capacity

15 Jan 2011

Angela Partington talks to Bjarni Thorvardarson, CEO of Hibernia Atlantic about how he has grown the business from its roots, and his plans for the future.