Capacity Middle East: Venue and travel

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Grand Hyatt Dubai
P.O. Box 7978
United Arab Emirates 

Coming soon on how to book at the discounted rate!

iconTransport within Dubai

The closest airport to the Grand Hyatt, Dubai is: Dubai International Airport (DXB): 8-10 minutes cab ride (5.5km) from the airport to the hotel.

Please ensure you take a licensed taxi usually white and green, at all times or a taxi car from the hotel. All taxi's operate by the meter except for journeys outside of the city. On average a taxi from the Airport to the Grand Hyatt Dubai will cost you 60 AED dependant on traffic.

Once you have confirmed your registration for Capacity Middle East 2020, we will send you our Capacity Middle East 2020 travel guide and top tips including details of how to book with our travel partners.

Visa Support Letter

Capacity Media encourages all delegates to check their visa requirements for Dubai, UAE. A visa support letter is a document stating that you wish to attend an event organised by Capacity Media. We are happy to provide registered attendees with a visa support letter to assist in the application process. To request a visa support letter, please forward your registration confirmation email to 

We are required to secure payment before providing a visa support letter, as this is a legal document but will offer a 100% refund should your visa application be rejected.