BICS launches eSIM service with European supermarket chain

BICS launches eSIM service with European supermarket chain


Multinational retail corporation Carrefour has today announced a partnership with international communications enabler BICS to launch a new ‘travel eSIM’ offering via its mobile operator arm.

BICS will provide eSIM coverage around the world, using its roaming network, which it claims currently carriers 50% of the world’s data roaming traffic.

While operators within the EU offer mobile roaming in France at the same price as domestic mobile data, operators from elsewhere carry roaming charges for consumers. Using an eSIM eliminates the need for consumers to pay roaming fees to domestic operators.

Data from telecoms research firm Juniper Research estimates that mobile roaming data revenue will come in at $10 billion in 2024 globally, but as eSIM’s gain popularity, this revenue stream is at risk for telcos.

eSIM compatible devices increased fivefold between 2018 and 2023, and as the technology becomes more mainstream, operators need to

A lack of transparency and control over data usage while abroad can lead to customers receiving unexpected bills, which makes them more likely to use alternative’s like only connecting to WiFi or using an eSIM in the future.

This is compounded by 5G roaming, which increases data usage and makes it more likely for caps to be exceeded and costs to increase for consumers.

“eSIMs are an exciting advancement for global connectivity”, says Jorn Vercamert, VP Customer Solutions & Products, BICS.

Vercamert says consumers have yet to realise the benefits of eSIMs, but with products like this from Carrefour, that will quickly change.

Carefour is just one well know retail brand to launch an eSIM offering. Last year VPN provider NordVPN announced the launch of Saily, its own eSIM solution.

“The eSIM digitalises connectivity, making it available with just a few clicks,” Vercamert explains, adding that BICS is making it easy for enterprise and consumer brands to integrate global connectivity into their offerings to improve the digital experience of their end-users.

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