Ericsson: US anti-corruption compliance monitoring has ended

Ericsson: US anti-corruption compliance monitoring has ended

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Ericsson has announced that a four-year programme to monitor the company’s compliance with US anti-corruption had ended yesterday.

The appointment of an independent monitor came in 2020, following a settlement the previous year with the US Department of Justice (DOJ) to resolve a prove into corruption in China, Vietnam and Djibouti.

In 2019, Ericsson admitted lying to US authorities when it tried to settle a corruption case and paid a further US$206 million, following an initial fine of over $1 billion.

The monitoring has now ended, Ericsson revealed in a statement: "On March 28, 2024, the monitor certified to DOJ that Ericsson's anti-corruption compliance program has satisfied requirements and is functioning effectively.”

"This is an important milestone in our journey to improve our organisation. Over the past four years we have implemented important compliance requirements and processes," CEO Borje Ekholm said.

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