aicep Global Parques, EllaLink and Start Campus partner on the new Atlantic Hub

aicep Global Parques, EllaLink and Start Campus partner on the new Atlantic Hub

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aicep Global Parques, EllaLink and Start Campus are working together to create the Atlantic Hub, enhancing connectivity between Europe, North and South America and Africa.

Specifically, the partnership, which includes backing from the Portuguese Government, aims to establish Sines, Portugal as a hub to land subsea cables.

"The Atlantic Hub will enable a huge reduction in risk for new subsea systems as well as a qualitative leap in processes that are generally time-consuming in an industry that needs ever shorter deadlines between the investment decision and the start of operations,” said Afonso Salema, CEO of Start Campus.

“It is indeed encouraging to have the collaboration of partner companies such as EllaLink and official organisations such as aicep Global Parque, which give strength to all the projects that are increasingly looking to Sines as the European gateway to the explosion of intercontinental connectivity."

The Atlantic Hub offers a transparent and comprehensive solution to streamline the licensing and construction authorisation process, creating a risk-controlled environment with unique regulatory conditions for landing subsea cables in Sines.

“Developing a digital and connectivity Hub is a crucial milestone for the entire EllaLink vision, which started long ago when we first decided to come to Sines and land a cable here!” added Diego Matas, COO of EllaLink.

“Atlantic Hub and the Olisipo Submarine cable system will boost the country’s interconnectivity, offering new investors something completely innovative for the region and adding critical advantages to Sines as a preferred gateway to and from Europe. EllaLink is firmly committed to the development of such a project.”

It also creates a cable protection zone in front of Sines for pre-licensing of subsea cable routes, as well as the construction of several multi-tenant, robust and diverse fronthaul infrastructures for subsea cables, connecting the Sines data centre, EllaLink cable landing station (CLS) and other cable landing points, and Sines Tech.

"We are aware of the importance of the Atlantic Hub for Portugal's attractiveness in the digital sector. International connectivity is increasingly important and the Sines region, due to its intrinsic characteristics, can be a driving force behind the development of this important vector in the national economy,” said Isabel Caldeira Cardoso, CEO of aicep Global Parques.

“Simplification in the sense of efficiency and effectiveness is undoubtedly a key factor for developers, the main digital players in the market. Our role is to be an active and dynamic entity in this process, creating greater wealth and sustainable development for our country.”

Sines boasts 100% sustainable energy solutions, the connection between the sustainable hyperscale data centre Sines, high-speed subsea cables such as EllaLink and Olisipo, and access to clean energy sources and cooling infrastructures using seawater, with negligent water usage effectiveness.

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