An intelligent cloud to carry the data centre to new heights

An intelligent cloud to carry the data centre to new heights

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China Unicom Global’s cloud facility in Hong Kong is evolving to transform with industry changes.

Digital transformation has gained pace in the past few years, as telecoms carriers and enterprises worldwide have sought to ramp up their growth to benefit from today’s huge data opportunities. This means massive global demand for high-quality cloud services and data centres.

That makes now a key time to harness such trends. China Unicom Global, for one, has been taking big strides to power the next phases of growth by optimising the capabilities of its Тier-IV-ready data centre in the Tseung Kwan O area of Hong Kong that acts as a cloud-service convergence hub.

The 37,000-square-metre Intelligent Cloud Data Center, which launched in 2016, reaches more than 60 countries and regions via 15 submarine cables, while offering interconnection to key cloud providers. Customers stand to gain a whole host of benefits in the areas of network, innovation, security and sustainability.

Coming within a wider network that comprises more than 60 international submarine cable and 20 terrestrial cable systems, China Unicom Global is deploying other integrated data centres globally, with facilities being rolled out in Singapore, Tokyo and Frankfurt.

Next-level networks and services

Through a mix of centralised, edge and super-large facilities, China Unicom Global offers a diverse array of data-centre services to meet the particular needs of different segments, from live streaming to gaming and smart cities. The global set-up it has between its Intelligent Cloud Data Center, other data centres and networks means the company is therefore ready to serve a wide variety of requirements.

Furthermore, it paves the way for innovation. Through the development of software and its edge platform for today’s distributed cloud infrastructure, for example, China Unicom Global is enabling unified, integrated management and intelligent operation of global data centres.

In the Intelligent Cloud Data Center, today’s technologies also open the door to better, AI-based diagnosis and intelligent systems optimisation, while China Unicom Global harnesses patrolling robots to monitor customer devices around the clock. Тhe operator has also teamed up with collaborators to create an AI computing centre in the facility.

Safety first

Given today’s threat environment, security has become increasingly critical both in the data centre and across the internet. That means strong levels of protection are very much in demand today, and are something China Unicom Global is ready to supply.

Indeed, last year the Intelligent Cloud Data Center snuffed out more than 330,000 DDoS attacks. Meanwhile, the submarine and terrestrial cables that link to it all have dual back-up and multi-route protection.

On the physical-security front, the Intelligent Cloud Data Center provides an eight-layer system encompassing features like video surveillance and access control.

As an extra level of security, China Unicom Global has established a second data centre in Hong Kong to aid continuity of operations and risk resistance. The company has also secured a range of certifications for the facility, complying with international quality standards including ISO 9001 and 27001, and having TVRA and PCI DSS certifications.

Sustainability push

А central concern in the data-centre sector today is slashing energy consumption and emissions – and China Unicom Global has deployed systems to play its part in this push. For instance, it uses intelligent operations systems with AI functions and a smart management platform, allowing efficient allocation of power and cooling through real-time equipment monitoring.

Furthermore, the data centre harnesses the likes of a refrigeration system that uses chilled water to remove heat, while China Unicom is working with Hong Kong Science Park to explore the potential of using a seawater refrigeration system.

On another front, China Unicom has put in place energy-saving designs at its Intelligent Cloud Data Center that have led to it being granted key certifications for green buildings.

“We’re actively deploying multiple integrated data centres worldwide, and endeavour to build ultra-large DCs, with the Intelligent Cloud Data Center as a convergence hub,” says Meng Shusen, Chairman and Chief Executive of China Unicom Global. “Similar IDCs are also being deployed in Singapore, Tokyo and Frankfurt, and will enable us to provide customers with distributed computing and networking services that are professional, secure, trustworthy and sustainable.”

If you would like to see how China Unicom Global Intelligent Cloud Data Center can benefit your company, drop by to visit virtually or in public.

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