Pulsant expands UK edge with hybrid cloud

Pulsant expands UK edge with hybrid cloud

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Pulsant confirms the launch of Pulsant Cloud, its hybrid cloud service that enables next-gen edge capabilities and management tools in complex hybrid environments.

Operating from a single pane of glass, Pulsant Cloud enables organisations to control their hybrid cloud architectures and combines multi-cloud and virtual private cloud with reporting tools, storage, workflow automation and security through a suite of services being rolled out over following months.

"The launch of Pulsant Cloud is another significant milestone in the development of our edge infrastructure platform. We have invested in the network, our data centres, and now the hybrid cloud to give enterprises orchestration all the way to the edge," said Rob Coupland, chief executive officer at Pulsant.

In addition, Pulsant Cloud, gives enterprises that choose a hybrid cloud architecture greater cost-control, faster deployment, and the ability to manage all their workloads centrally while extending advanced orchestration capabilities at the edge. For added protection enterprises can also implement role-based access controls and encryption, from the single cloud management portal.

Pulsant Cloud is delivered across the UK through Pulsant’s edge infrastructure platform, allowing customers to develop edge applications within a hybrid cloud environment and deploy them rapidly, using a dedicated, resilient, high-speed 100Gbps network fabric.

“Pulsant Cloud resolves the most significant control and optimisation challenges facing organisations with hybrid environments. It ensures teams are no longer held back by the cost, complexity and unwieldiness of their hybrid cloud architecture and delivers the cost-control and workload flexibility needed for edge – something that public cloud alone cannot offer,” added Coupland.

The news follows a series of strategic edge developments for Pulsant. The company has invested more than £100 million in building its edge infrastructure platform in the past year, including the acquisition of two data centres in Manchester and Reading and £8 million in developing its national edge network.