Jazz selects Juniper Networks automated data centre infrastructure

Jazz selects Juniper Networks automated data centre infrastructure

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Juniper Networks has been selected by Jazz to create a next-gen data centre network to support Jazz’s services delivery platform.

Jazz’s aim with this data centre upgrade is to revamp its architectural approach using automation, assurance and data-driven insights to improve user experience and simplify its operations.

“In common with all service providers globally, Jazz faces relentless data demand and heightened expectations for seamless digital services. As a result, we wanted to completely rethink our data centre operations, using ground-breaking automation to create the best possible user experiences for our enterprise customers and subscribers," said Abdul Rehman Usmani, vice president of technology at Jazz.

"Operational simplicity was another important goal, to deliver cost reductions and improved ease of use for our technical teams in the face of massive demand at scale. We evaluated multiple vendors, but Juniper’s ability to deliver the exact networking outcomes we needed meant that a highly strategic decision was very straightforward to make.”

Jazz chose Juniper’s technology and expertise to underpin this project, following a vendor-agnostic technology appraisal, focused on operational and cost efficiencies through automation. It was the ability of Juniper’s advanced automation to transform the network management lifecycle process from a single system, that was the key differentiator.

“The power of automation, bound within a single operational framework thanks to intent-based networking, enables Jazz to address the relevant operational questions, find the right answers quickly and make the best decisions," added Mike Bushong, vice president of cloud ready data centre at Juniper Networks.

"This means its network becomes a strategic business tool, leveraging data to deliver robust deployment and operational efficiencies and eliminates traditional network constraints that force choices between speed and reliability. Based on data from other Juniper customers, the result will be dramatic savings on downstream costs and tremendous returns on networking investments.”

Specifically, Jazz is to deploy the Juniper Apstra System to deliver intent-based networking (IBN) capabilities.

The new data centre infrastructure includes a spine-and-leaf architecture built with the Juniper Networks QFX Series Switches and fully integrated with the Juniper Apstra System.