Intelligent wholesale: A new platform driving profitability

Intelligent wholesale: A new platform driving profitability

Go beyond legacy platforms to grow with a faster, smarter, simpler way to manage your wholesale voice business

In today’s wholesale voice market, how you manage and optimize your operations matter more than ever. We’re seeing service providers around the globe struggle with manual processes and inefficient legacy approaches that simply can’t keep up with the pace of change in the market. 

Service providers need new agility in their operations end-to-end with partners that can fully support long-term growth. It can be the difference between winning new business or losing out to faster, more efficient competitors. To succeed in the Wholesale market, Service providers need to find new ways to optimise operations and maximise profits. 

A legacy-free approach

The reality for many SPs today is they face long implementation cycles and outdated products from their partners that make it difficult to capture long-term and sustainable revenue in wholesale voice. Legacy voice management platforms limit what voice service providers can do with their businesses. Often these platforms were built more than a decade ago and no longer solve today’s market challenges. 

The market has moved on and service providers have to change how they manage their operations to survive and grow. At Linxa, we developed a wholesale voice management platform designed to deliver innovation today and well into the future. 

Linxa’s platform is free of legacy technologies so we aren’t trying to adapt old technologies to new problems. We focused on innovating with intelligence and making it fast and simple to capture wholesale voice revenue. Our platform transform how service providers manage their voice businesses and enables them to accelerate their operations and win new business. 

We made it our mission to deliver innovative technology with unparalleled support that matches the pace of change in our industry. We give our partners the tools and support they need to efficiently manage pricing, routing, monitoring and invoicing for the best possible performance. Our powerful platform has been purpose-built to grow profitability and simplify an increasingly complex voice market.

Automation, algorithms and processing power

We give our partners the fastest path from quote-to-cash with performance, security and monitoring solutions to guarantee success in today’s market. Our platform automates end-to-end processes for monitoring, rating, routing, and billing voice services, accelerating decision making so service providers can move quickly to capture new opportunities. It generates optimum routing plans reflecting costs, quality and business agreements while automatically recognizing and importing rate sheets in any format within seconds.

It is easy to manage bilateral deals and automatically optimise routing tables to minimise costs. Our routing distribution algorithm enables service providers to benefit from substantial increases in profitability. 

At the same time, they benefit from data processing that is significantly faster than traditional legacy platforms. We have unmatched call processing power with the ability to manage 10,000 busy call attempts per second on a single hardware. There is no limit to call capacity due to unlimited scalability and distribution functionality. 

Service providers can monitor and process live data and generate custom reports based on traffic, quality and profitability. They gain new visibility with a CAPEX-based model built for speed and flexibility. We enable service providers to rapidly deploy via the Cloud or integrate with all types of hardware and software systems.

Our platform reduces the manual input, time and effort required to efficiently serve international markets and enables service providers to concentrate on their core business. When service providers have near real-time access to data in a simple and intuitive platform, they can make precise decisions and increase their chances of success. 

Choose a platform that has been purpose-built to drive profitability in today’s market.

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