Infiny: intelligent networking at your fingertips

Infiny: intelligent networking at your fingertips

Epsilon launched “Infiny by Epsilon” its new on-demand connectivity platform in March 2017. Jerzy Szlosarek, CEO of Epsilon speaks to Capacity about how it is changing the global networking model and its vision for its platform in the future

Sponsored contentQ. How did you develop Infiny by Epsilon and what were the drivers behind it?

It is no secret that innovation has been happening across the networking ecosystem for many years now. New technologies are emerging around every corner, and Cloud adoption has exploded which we have witnessed first-hand. We thought to ourselves, how can we go one step further and provide a consistent high-quality networking experience for our partners? The answer was a platform.

Even in our everyday lives platforms are defining our experiences as consumers, look at the revolution of Uber and Spotify. We are hyper-sensitive as consumers. We want everything to be completely accessible on-demand, everywhere and with consistent quality. Platforms provide a type of reliability and accessibility that no other technology can. 

We took this innovation and pieced together some of our key existing connectivity service offerings into a single platform. Within the click-of-a-button our partners can access Data Connectivity, Direct Cloud Access, SIP Trunking, SD-WAN and Last Mile services. Infiny brings the simplicity, dependability and accessibility we see in our personal lives and makes it a reality in networking.

Q. Epsilon has had a lot of international success with CloudLX how does that factor into the Infiny platform?

We have had great success with our CloudLX platform across different regions and businesses around the world. CloudLX provides our partners with on-demand Ethernet connectivity as well as a direct link into the world’s largest Cloud and IX ecosystem and its service providers. It offers an extremely fast and efficient way to deliver high performance apps and communications globally. 

We have not only seen CloudLX disrupt the market but it has showed an evolutionary change where customers have grown from basic connectivity to demanding full Cloud-enabled solutions. 

CloudLX will be playing a huge part in enabling our on-demand connectivity platform Infiny. Every service within Infiny is accessible via a simple modular format with click-to-connect provisioning. CloudLX has now become a module within this and still continues to provide seamless Cloud connectivity and port-to-port Ethernet to our global partners. 

Q. What benefits do service providers see when adopting the platform?

For service providers it is important that they can connect their services in as many places as possible. If you can’t offer truly global reach, then there are still limits on the networking services you are offering. 

Today Epsilon can connect buildings down the street to a building in Singapore, New York or even Hong Kong. We are changing the way that our partners can deploy services by putting a truly global platform at their fingertips. By deploying Infiny, our partners’ businesses can operate with new agility and operational efficiency that goes above and beyond their customers’ expectations. 

Q. What kinds of service providers do you see adopting the platform in the future?

One of the best things about Infiny is that it doesn’t just target one segment of the market, it is a global solution for different types of players across the networking industry. Infiny can be used by communication service providers, Cloud service providers, managed service providers and data centre operators to deliver robust and reliable networks that serve their customers. 

People trust us because we have had a track record of getting it right for more than a decade. The platform has amazing automation and process but ultimately it is supported by people that understand and care about the network. Myself and the team cannot wait to see who adopts the platform in the coming months.

Q. How is your partner ecosystem evolving?

We already have strong partnerships with global leaders like AWS, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure, but we aren’t stopping there. Our platform is truly global and offers a comprehensive set of solutions. It is important that we continue to develop our partner ecosystem. We will be announcing new partners throughout 2017 and these partners will be leaders in Cloud from around the world. 

Q. What makes you most excited about Infiny?

Infiny has endless potential, each and every day we are developing its capabilities to be the best. I am excited to see our platform grow and to watch more service providers benefit from a limitless approach to Cloud-centric networking. 

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