Taking the lead in digital transformation

Taking the lead in digital transformation

As the digital economy continues to grow, service providers have an opportunity to play a leading role in enabling enterprises to capitalise on the growth opportunities that it brings by propelling them forward on their digital transformation journey

Sponsored contentQ. How are you seeing digital transformation changing enterprise needs and expectations

The breakneck speed of technology innovation is putting pressure on enterprises to invest technology capital in digital, and move away from looking digital to being digital. CIOs are now being used as strategic partners for multiple business functions, as well as senior management, for their ability to leverage the latest innovative technology platforms and ecosystems. Digital transformation is morphing from a buzzword to a central component of today’s business strategy. 

In this new era, I am seeing an increasing demand for service providers to become partners for enterprises in this digital transformation. But it’s easier said than done – it’s challenging service providers to play a new role and evolve their businesses too. 

Q. How will the success of enterprises and service providers be measured in this digital age?

There is huge value to be unlocked from digital projects, and service providers’ success will be measured by their ability to become true partners for their enterprise customers. For example, many enterprises are likely to be overwhelmed with which unified communication and collaboration or cloud platform is the best fit for their business. It’s up to service providers to guide them on this journey and help them make the right choices. 

I think that those service providers that do not take a leading role will miss out on this big opportunity.

Q. How are you helping service providers to create new value for their enterprise customers?

We work with our service provider partners to evaluate how enterprises are using digital technology within their businesses. We identify the areas where our partners are best placed to close the gap between where their customers are today and where they want to get to on their digital journey. We do this all while driving maximum value from each digital project – be it cloud, software defined networking, mobility, unified communications or security.

Through the right partnerships, service providers can open new revenue streams in these growth areas without having to invest in developing their own solutions from scratch. By joining forces with us, service providers can become truly global across new markets and segments with new best-in-class infrastructure. 

Q. How are you using ecosystems and platforms to help service providers support customers on their digital journey?

We have made it our mission to make the Internet fit for business on a global scale. We have done so through the creation of an open infrastructure, a partner ecosystem and platforms. These allow service providers to offer their customers a seamless omni-channel experience, while providing them with the ability to harness new digital innovations across cloud, unified communications and collaboration, and the Internet of Things.

Our integrated digital ecosystem is based on APIs and software enabled infrastructure that enables seamless multi-platform collaboration and ubiquitous access to data and applications. Some examples of services within this would be our IZO cloud enablement platform, Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) platform and our media ecosystem. All of these allow service providers and their customers to harness the benefits that digital transformation brings.

Q. What benefits do service provider partners see when adopting your digital platforms?

We make it easy for our partners to take charge of digital transformation and drive success throughout their enterprise customers businesses. By adopting and deploying our platforms, partners gain access to complete virtualised infrastructure that offers enterprises better elasticity from their digital services. 

We provide service providers with the security that they need to manage business risk throughout the implementation of their digital strategy. Our platforms use the latest technology to secure data and applications against any external threat. We ensure reliability across their business with near-zero disruption, allowing for seamless execution on a digital strategy.

Q. What role will Tata Communications play in the future of digital transformation?

As businesses all over the world reassess their technology needs -- to connect with customers much more intimately and respond quickly to market changes, Tata Communications is uniquely positioned and experienced to enable that digital transformation.

Tata Communications will continue to support our service provider customers and partners to leverage digital transformation in their pursuit to help enterprise customers create new value in the digital economy. The unique value we help to create will cascade across the entire value chain and help to promote a healthy ICT ecosystem. One that enables digital transformation and not inhibits it.

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