Best place to stream

Best place to stream

Distributing and obtaining online content appear to be one major topic of our times

Nationwide broad band access for the end user is essential – no matter which kind of content is distributed.  Normally the following types of content are distinguished: core content (media, streaming etc.), premium content (social media, cloud services etc.) or advanced content (big data, high security, etc.). 

No single provider can meet this requirement on his own. Instead, many Internet service providers and carriers got connected and interconnected in various ways. Meshed interconnections for a huge number of connections were the result, leading to expensive and slow cross connect implementations, complex site selection procedures and expensive data centre allocation.

ITENOS created a virtual interconnection platform concept, named Data LogistIX, changing the way how interconnection is deployed. The concept covers all critical elements of Data Center`s mature operations beyond colocation. 

Data LogistIX offers multiple services via one standardized physical infrastructure, even just using one redundant port set, which allows the customer to achieve a convenient one-stop-shopping experience – including third parties – in fact, an open market place where customers get all benefits out of one box and disregarding where the customer is located physically; there is no need to be in an ITENOS Data Center per se to get connected, offering customer proximity. In fact, the platform is disruptive, reducing cross connects infrastructures to a minimum. 

Data LogistIX combines IP-Transit, IP-Access, Cloud Connect to major Platforms (AWS, Azure, …), Internet Exchange Connects (DE-CIX, AM-SIX, LINX, LU-CIX, FR-IX, ...) and Ethernet Connect with physical Data Center services, anytime, anywhere. This standardized “Service Exchange” brings flexibility and efficiency, not only to users but also to providers. Regional edge Data Centers in Germany cover Cologne-Bonn, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Stuttgart  – hub-and-spoke model interconnected.

The innovated new way of service delivery offers 3 major excellences:

• Efficiency: Instead of having separate interconnections for each service, adding up vast amounts of cross connects at various locations, customers will only need one redundant access port and redundant connects to the Data LogistIX platform.

Connectivity scalability is an embedded feature, offering upscale and downscale capacities based on software defined requirements at any time. Redundant port sizes increase resilience level and secures the customers operations up to 100 Gbps port sizes. Using our port technology we implement defined end-to-end quality of service needed by businesses globally. This setup relies on multiple VLAN tagging. 

• Operational Savings: Customers benefit from the following: time cost savings based on decreased spending for port and cross-connects, time savings as well as shortening the time to market by offering shorter implementation cycles. Incident management can be concluded faster than with traditional models. And customers can get connected from their proprietary Data Center location.

• Premium Quality: With Data LogistIX, customers reach instantly 250 million European business partners on shortest routes, using preferred IP suppliers like Deutsche Telekom. With measured average Round Trip Delay (RTD) lower than 10ms to access Data LogistIX within European main business hubs and redundant port availability 99.98 %, customers of the platform get premium access quality to perform their business.

The breakthrough of this concept consists of two elements: cutting down cross connects while connecting customers everywhere, getting all the services needed via one-stop-shop.

Instead of meshing expensive physical interconnection between a customer and multiple providers in proprietary data center locations manually, the virtual interconnection platform gives customers access to all service providers under one unique physical port infrastructure, in all main business hubs.

For Frankfurt itself, over 30 Tbps of capacity is accessible, reaching over 700 service providers. The overall operation is standardized and automated, leveraging the physical infrastructures and moving up the value chain to a service platform. 

Expensive and slow cross connect implementations, complex site selection procedures, expensive data centre allocation in Tier1 cities like Frankfurt are getting obsolete. Data LogistIX connects users wherever they want to be picked up.

Data LogistIX is independent of locations, facilities and operators. The platform interconnects multiple sites for distributed service delivery structure which increases redundancy and reliability.

ITENOS is cloud independent and carrier neutral. Thus Data LogistIX enables our customers to develop various multihomed cloud strategies, like multi and hybrid-cloud.

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