IDT relaunches IDT Express

IDT relaunches IDT Express

IDT Telecom has re-launched its IDT Express at this year's ITW.

IDT Telecom is using ITW as the ultimate platform to re-launch IDT Express – their online portal that allows companies, however big or small, to run their own voice termination business the way they want to. In just a couple of clicks, you can change IPs, termination quality, destinations, payment methods and much more. 

IDT has also just launched wholesale DIDs, which is available through IDT Express, making it the complete solution for all your voice termination needs. 

The portal has many features that will maximise business performance, such as access to market leading rates, anti-hacking features and reporting, including CDRs and real time traffic profiles.

“Our IDT Express customers can now really maximise their voice termination and DIDs business by leveraging the global buying power of IDT, which carry 28 billion minutes annually. We have seen a sharp uptake of DIDs since launch and we continue to deliver features to our portal, which ensures our customers can get the most out of wholesale voice,” said Nick Ford, president of IDT carrier services.

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