Seafibre founder sets up giant UK data centre

Seafibre founder sets up giant UK data centre

A founder of Citadel100 Datacenters, euNetworks and Seafibre Networks has set up what he claims is the UK’s largest purpose-built data centre.

To be opened in December, the Stellium data centre will be in Newcastle, in the north-east of England, and will be connected via a 40km open-access fibre network around the city.

Noel Meaney, the Irish investor who has set up Stellium and will be CEO, said: “We are in an age when the data centre has become a powerhouse of modern business. The way we store, manage, manipulate and move data is driving and creating new market opportunities, whether it’s convergence and cloud computing, or big data and the internet of things.”

Meaney sold his 50% stake in the Citadel100 data centre group in Dublin in 2013 to Securus Data Property Fund. He was later founder and chairman of Seafibre Networks. For seven years until 2010 he was executive chairman of telecoms carrier euNetworks.

The Newcastle campus, with three separate data centres, will be in full operation by the end of 2016, said the company.

“Data centres are the hub of modern business operations and can no longer be viewed simply as a commodity,” said Meaney. “Instead, they have evolved to become a strategic business asset.”

The Stellium 1 data centre covers an area of more than 4,250 square metres and is divided into four 2MW IT data halls. The first operational data hall is fully scalable and can deliver uniform IT rack solutions from 4kW, with local capability of 34kW per rack.

Stellium 2 is 3,600 square metres, divided into four separate IT data halls: two with an area of 960 square metres, and two with an area of 840 square metres. Stellium 3 is 2,400 square metres, divided into four separate IT data halls, each with an area of 600 square metres. All are tier III+.

Seafibre Networks built the CeltixConnect cable from Britain to Ireland, now owned by Aqua Comms. euNetworkshas a Europe-wide fibre network.