Q&A: Albert Mackey, CEO at RTX Routetrader

Q&A: Albert Mackey, CEO at RTX Routetrader

Albert Mackey, CEO at RTX Routetrader talks to Capacity about the launch of RTX Fast Pay and its plans for 2016.


RTX launched Fast Pay in April 2015, what was the reason behind the launch and how has it progressed since then?

Fast Pay is a service feature designed to bridge the cash flow gap between operators buying and selling wholesale voice, SMS and ultimately data services. 

With this new facility, RTX is able to provide suppliers with faster access to funds, improving cash flow and, as a result, competitiveness in the marketplace. RTX launched the service in April and the response to Fast Pay has been overwhelmingly positive. Especially since making it available to our wider customer base it has grown to become one of our most popular products.  


How has the RTX SMS exchange developed since its inception in January 2014?

SMS is an important service for many of our existing and potential RTX exchange members and RTX is constantly updating the platform with additional features and functions to meet the key requirements of clients. RTX is particularly pleased to be powering the SMS alerts at Messaging and SMS World this week. 


What have been the highlights for RTX in 2015?

2015 has been a great year for RTX with one of the highlights being our inclusion in The Sunday Times Tech Track 100. We ranked at 18th, the highest of any telecoms company, marking us as one of the fastest growing companies in the UK. 

In terms of RTX’s business development, the partnership with Deutsche Telekom ICSS on its Dynamic Voice Exchange has been a great success. Adoption of RTX technology by one of the biggest players in the wholesale industry is fantastic recognition for the platform.  


RTX secured £25 million in funding in November, what will this be used for? 

The funding from PNC Business Credit will further enhance our Fast Pay solution by allowing RTX to satisfy the enormous appetite we are seeing from our members across the global marketplace. The RTX Exchange platform brings simplicity and security to telecoms trading, and the funding will allow us to continue to support existing and new memberships whilst we look to increase RTX’s global footprint. 


What new solutions does RTX have in the pipeline?

During the next year, RTX expects to support usage based data services across the exchange in response to considerable interest. The adoption of SDN and NFV technology by operators is opening up an opportunity for usage based data exchange and RTX is readying the platform so our members can the benefit from this new opportunity. 

Data is still a high margin service in telecoms and SDN and NFV technology will allow RTX, for the first time, to enable operators to exchange data on a ‘slide-rule’, usage basis rather than traditional, inflexible fixed term contracts.  


What plans does RTX have in terms of expansion in 2016?

The APAC and African telecoms industries are booming and RTX expects to see huge growth for RTX across both regions. In these markets there is a huge demand for voice and SMS. For local operators building the infrastructure to deliver these services is difficult and costly. 

Therefore the wholesale exchange of voice and SMS capacity is a cost efficient way to provide subscribers with the services they demand. 


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