Vodafone Australia CEO to head up NBN Co

Vodafone Australia CEO to head up NBN Co

Bill Morrow, head of Vodafone Australia, has been appointed as CEO of the organisation rolling out the country’s national broadband network (NBN).

Vodafone said that Morrow will depart the company “on the announcement of a successor”, while Morrow told local reporters that he expects this to take place in March or April next year.

Morrow joined Vodafone Australia in early 2012 in a bid to turn the company around, after it lost customers due to a series of network problems.

“While it has not been an easy decision to leave Vodafone, we have fixed the fundamentals, stabilised the business, invested heavily in the networks and we are already starting to see signs of customers coming back,” Morrow said.

The NBN has been making slow progress this year after several setbacks, but Morrow said he was looking forward to leading “one of Australia’s most important infrastructure projects”.

"I am looking forward to rolling up my sleeves and ensuring every Australian is able to benefit from a world-class national broadband network,” he added.

Executive chairman of NBN, Ziggy Switkowski, said that Morrow’s industry knowledge and expertise meant he was a good fit for the role.

"I am delighted that a senior business leader of the calibre of Bill Morrow has agreed to accept the challenge of delivering the long-promised upgrade to Australia's broadband infrastructure,” Switkowski said.

In May this year, Siobhan McKenna was appointed chairman of NBN, replacing Harrison Young.